Winter holiday is pretty close. Besides snow and adventurous sports, a cozy chalet with fireplace and fine retreats is all we need. Today, we suggest a lovely trip to Europe, more specifically to Northern Italy where Vigilius Mountain Resort awaits its guests. In San Vigilio, you will be seduced by alluring panoramas and activate your senses during a deep connection with the environment. 

Nowadays Vigilius Mountain Resort is an extension of an old hotel and it can only be reached by cable car (built in 1913) or on foot. As you can easily notice, the construction represents a long unit, which runs from north to south with two floors above ground and a basement. They follow gently the curves of the mountainside. ‘The accessible landscaped roof helps prevent overheating while the large glass windows exploit solar energy, adjustable shutters on the façade control the amount of shade. Everything is hermetically detailed, controlled ventilation with heat recovery and the use of radiant panels on the inside. Plus: biomass heating to help nearby farming and safeguard the woodlands, using low quality wood as an energy source in the form of pellets.‘, the team explained.

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Reinterpreting traditional local wooden constructions, the building is made of stone, wood, clay and glass. Only the basement areas are made of reinforced concrete.

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You can relax swimming and admire the environment.

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In each room, all facing east or west, clay walls separate the sleeping quarters from the bathroom. They absorb and then give off heat in winter and coolness in summer.

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A lovely retreat for your winter holiday.