Wearable technology is all the rage, and these watches are the new gadgets leading the charge. Here we review and rank the best 5 Unisex Watches You Can Buy Right Now.

Nava Watch – Ora Unica – White 42mm

At first glance, you might be confused as to how to tell time on the Ora Unica, but itå_åÑÌös actually quite simple. Just look at the position of the inner end of the squiggle for the current hour, and the outer end for minutes. Simple, elegant, and truly unique.

The Ora Unica, designed by Denis Guidone for the Milanese Nava Design of Italy, is an accessory that takes fun of the time, for design lovers that make the imagination and the irony their distinguishing feature. A curious object not to pass unnoticed, a detail that Nava chooses for its spirit of irony. The design is clean and minimalist and finds its ultimate expression in the unconventional reading of time. It consists of a single line forming a graphic gesture (squiggle) where the two ends mark hours and minutes. The Ora Unica does away with conventional hands, and replaces them with a big squiggly line.

Nava Watch - Ora Unica

Color Wheel Watch

Is there an artist or designer in your life – maybe YOU? Not only does the Color Wheel Watch look sharp and tell you the time (without making people think you’re just looking for an excuse to check your messages) but we adapted the familiar old school color wheel to make a genuine functioning color-mixing reference. The Color Wheel Watch will become the one essential conversation piece for your next art opening gallery visit… or mixer.

Color Wheel Watch

ZIIIRO Proton Clear Colored Watch

The Proton is a beautiful and elegant watch displaying time using two transparent gradient discs. By overlapping both gradients, it creates a new array of unlimited stylish color tones that will catch attention whether at the beach or going out on a date.

ZIIIRO Proton Watch

Projects Watches (Denis Guidone) – 7292G “Crossover Gray” Unisex Watch

Monochromatic and accented in color Crossover GRAY 2014 Crossover GRAY is the 4th sibling in the Crossover family. Modern and contemporary, Crossover GRAY like its relatives has elegant hands that appear to be precariously balanced and rotate in a seemingly askew manner around the dial. Crossover GRAY is a modern watch with tapered black, white and yellow hands. The second hand is yellow the minute hand is white and the hour hand is black. Follow the pointed ends for the time! Modeled after the game of “pick up stix”, Crossover GRAY has thin hands that are slightly askew to the center giving this timepiece elegant stature. You will be staring at time all day but assuredly not wasting it. So, yes, monochromatic and accented in color Crossover GRAY is a unisex watch measuring 40mm (1.57?) in diameter and 7.6mm (0.30?) high. It is made of heavy sandblasted stainless steel with hidden lugs that connect the band seamlessly. Available with a 20mm gray silicone band.

Crossover Gray

Terra Time Watch by Projects Watches

If contour maps, topographical models, stone quarry excavations and agricultural terraces fantasize you, the Terra Time Watch by Projects Watches is your ideal timepiece. It’s built from the concept of displaying ‘earthwork on your wrist’, highlighting artistic and poetic dimensions in your everyday wristwatch. The multi-layered sculpture is what sets this watch apart which is magnified with the effects of light and shadow. It’s a stainless steel watch which has been sandblasted several times in order to bring that gray appearance. The watch also flaunts a gray brushed stainless steel case to complete the look. Undoubtedly a wristwatch that won’t go unnoticed in public. This stylish watch also features a textured 6 layers grey dial with grey luminous hands and dot hour markers, scratch resistant mineral crystal and water resistant to 50 meters. Projects 7300 is equipped with a 20mm wide grey silicone rubber strap with a buckle clasp. Projects 7300 men’s Terra-Time grey dial grey silicone strap watch is brand new and comes in an original Projects gift box and is backed by a 1 year limited warranty.

Terra Time Watch by Projects Watches