Architect Standard Studio designed the new supermarket concept store, Marqt store that just opened at the Gelderlandplein in Amsterdam. With a number of new services Marqt focuses on more convenience and quality for the customer. For example, fresh made pasta, various cuts of meat and fish, fried or marinated. Even chickens are grilled on a spit and fresh mussels shovelled in the desired quantity. There is a ‘Shack’ for coffee, snacks, salads and sandwiches designed in an old shipping container and there is a car park where a different food truck will be parked every day. A really nice and dynamic entrance of course.

The store is for more than 75 percent made of second hand materials, from the lighting up to fridges and other furniture. This really fits within the concept and branding values of Marqt, that wants to be as sustainable as possible.

Standard Studio and Marqt also developed a new feature in the supermarket world. In the shop there is a second hand greenhouse, the Koelkas, that sustainably stores fruits and vegetables unpacked their ideal temperature. Cooling units are working from the walls, where it is 5 degrees celsius, in the rest of the space spare cool air circulates at around 14 degrees, which is ideal for tomatoes, cucumbers, tropical fruits and fresh herbs.
The architect also provided free filtered tap water in association with Join the Pipe. With the purchase of a bottle of recycled plastic customers support drinking water projects in developing countries.
Standard’s goal was to get Marqt more to the essence, and that ought not to be an “expensive” supermarket but an accessible market where beautiful products are presented in the right way. The new Marqt feels more like a rough marketplace where different departments present their products. Through the use of large bulk spots the bestsellers presented well and instead of expensive new custom furniture, we used old auction trolleys. Shopping is in this store tastier, easier and above all more fun!