Designed by Razvan Barsan + Partners, this Small Vacation House is located in the mountains, in a remote village. Vernacular architecture typical to the region has been the source of inspiration for the chosen materials, geometry and construction techniques. Therefore, the building represents an interpretation of traditional architecture in a modern key, which allows it to integrate gracefully into the natural and cultural context, while respecting the modern standards that define a high quality of living.

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Local natural materials have been used for cladding: cobblestone and horizontal massive logs whose joints remained visible create vibrant patterns on the facades. Wide transparent surfaces offer scenic views of the landscape and assure an optimum amount of natural light even during the winter. The steep slopes of the roofs are able to sustain large amounts of snow that accumulate through the long cold seasons and ease the merge of the house into the background.

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The interior space creates a cozy ambiance. All the rooms are opened to nature in order to provide perspectives to the scenery. However, the rooms facing north have smaller openings that ensure thermal comfort. As a result, the common spaces are grouped in the south-eastern side, while the dormitories are located on the north-western part. The living room develops on two levels, revealing the structure of the roof, panoramic sights and a view to the dining. The mountain lodge demonstrates how traditional architecture can become an inspiration for contemporary design, thus generating new forms of expression that integrate harmoniously in nature.

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