A modern day convenience is the artificial tree, or what some call fake trees. No more messy needles, sap, or spilled water. Christmas trees are a nearly universal element in holiday decorating. Some people don’t like the fuss and mess of a live tree, while others have allergies that preclude them from having a real evergreen. We have a wide choice of Artificial Christmas Trees in a variety of sizes and price brackets to suit every pocket, but how do you choose your ideal tree?


Our article on PE/PVC Artificial Christmas Trees offers some advice on choosing the right size tree for your home and also explains the difference between PVC & PE trees.  A small fake tree is a great tabletop choice to display a themed set of decorations or to complete a room’s color scheme, in addition to a full-size live evergreen. A miniature real evergreen can be used in a room where there isn’t lots of space, such as the kitchen, for added fragrance.

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If you don’t care for the mess of a real evergreen, or if allergies prevent you from having a live tree, try choosing an artificial tree for your holiday decorating. This article will try to point out the features of the trees that we have on offer to help you compare these trees & make your final decision. If you choose an Artificial Christmas Tree, consider the size, accent, and height. Use these ideas as a guide when purchasing your fake trees for the holidays.


Pre-lit Artificial Tree or not?

A prelit tree is a convergent product of Christmas lights and Artificial Christmas tree. The product is an artificial fir tree that comes pre-wired and strung with lights, which cannot be removed and are usually embedded within the artificial branches. The product can be sold as a kit – the user assembles the tree and plugs it into an electrical outlet – or the dealer may assemble it before the sale. Prelit trees may have traditional mini bulb lights, LED lights, or fiber-optic lights. Larger trees usually contain traditional strands of bulb lights while smaller tabletop trees have fiber optic branches. Some more expensive trees come with energy-efficient LED lights. Prelit trees are being classified into the categories of electrical products.

Pre-lit tree-designrulz

PVC or PE/PVC Mix?

This comes down to personal preference and price. In general the PVC trees are darker green in colour than the PE/PVC mixed trees unless they are ‘snowy’. Another popular tree choice is the PE (polyethylene) trees.  The PE trees give you the look of a realistic, fresh cut tree without all the mess. It is made out of a mold process instead of a cut and spin method that the traditional artificial trees use. The PVC adds extra interest by introducing a different texture & helps to give depth to the tree whilst concealing the central stem. Many of the trees also have their branches hand wrapped with green/brown cotton for a touch of luxury.

The general life expectancy of a fake tree is about 10 years, and some may come with a warranty. Stands are usually included; plastic versions may be less stable than those made of metal. Some fake trees also include additional accessories such as a storage bag. Your fake tree should also be fire retardant and fade resistant.

Find an artificial Christmas tree that suits your personality!

Boulder Pine


Columbia Slim Spruce

This artificial tree has a perfect slender shape and imitates the looks of a typical Spruce tree.


Glittery Bristle Slim Pine


Kingswood Pencil Fir


Bayberry Spruce


Colorado Spruce


Liberty Pine

If you want a tree that stands out on its own then the Liberty Pine is ideal. It has an interesting mix of branches & cones with glittery & flocked coatings. The standard tree is quite narrow in shape if space is restricted but it is also available in slim.

liberty-pine-closeup liberty-pine-prelit

Norway Spruce

The lovely and timeless Natural Norway Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree is a masterpiece that proudly serves as both an ideal display for your most treasured ornaments and the center of your holiday merriment.


Just as fake trees can be found in all sizes, they can also be found in all price ranges. Scroll down to see our Top 15 Online stores for Artificial Christmas Tree.

  1. www.treeclassics.com

    The Tree Classics offers only the world’s finest artificial Christmas tree. From unlit trees to pre-lit trees with clear, multi or LED lights, you name it, we have it.

  2. www.homeandliving.com

  3. www.amazon.com

  4. www.modernnursery.com

  5. www.johnlewis.com

  6. www.christmascentral.com

  7. www.bronners.com

  8. www.christmaslightsetc.com

  9. www.kmart.com

  10. www.treetopia.com

  11. www.wayfairsupply.com

  12. www.xmasdirect.co.uk

    The full range of artificial Christmas trees made exclusively for Christmas direct to the highest quality and tip count. Whether you are looking for a super realistic looking Christmas tree, a coloured Christmas tree or a Christmas tree for a tight space we have the right Christmas tree for you. All of the Christmas trees are easy to assemble, with strong sturdy bases and look fantastic.

  13. www.homedepot.com

    The Artificial Christmas Tree features Feel-Real branch tips molded from real tree branches and constructed with crush-resistance for remarkable realism and longevity. The lush evergreen has an abundance of limbs to hang your favorite ornaments and is pre-strung with 1250 clear incandescent lights that remain lit even if other bulbs burn out. Setup is a breeze thanks to hinged branches that are pre-attached to the center pole, while a sturdy metal stand ensures the tree remains steadily upright throughout the holidays.

  14. www.hayesgardenworld.co.uk

    When Christmas time draws near, and your staff and customers are feeling in the festive spirit it’s time to revive the decorations and get a commercial Christmas tree. These trees are the best way to show everyone that you are ready for the season ahead, creating a great atmosphere all around.

  15. www.balsamhill.com

    Balsamhill offers the widest selection of high quality, realistic Christmas trees on the market. Crafted with care to ensure years of enjoyment.

Balsam Hill offers the widest selection of the finest, hand-crafted artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands that can be enjoyed for many holiday seasons. Their brand is a proud carrier of the Good Housekeeping Seal, and has been recently included in Internet Retailer’s Top 500 E-Retailer of 2012. Our products have adorned hotels, embassies, and retail shops, and have been featured in a number of popular television shows and magazines.

Balsam Hill-designrulz (3)

From tip to stand, we’ve specially designed this tree to handle the demands of Mother Nature. Inspired by one of our designers who spent winters in the Allegheny Mountains, we built this tree to last in all of winter’s elements. For starters, the branches of the Allegheny Evergreen are fabricated from heavy gauge wire designed to withstand wind and snow, and the needles are UV-coated to resist the fading effects of the sun. In addition, we feature long-lasting LED C-5 lights to give that added resilience and require virtually no maintenance.

Balsam Hill-designrulz (6)Balsam Hill-designrulz (5)Balsam Hill-designrulz (1)