The lines between contemporary design and minimalism are becoming more and more blurred with each passing day. Minimalism is essentially the art of being able to comfortably, conveniently and aesthetically live with less. While on the surface of it all, this task may look easy enough, in reality it is a lot easier said than done. Compact bedrooms can appear as lavish and luxurious as any other that is blessed with ample space. In a world where studio apartments and city lofts are becoming more and more common, savvy design seems an absolute must. For today we gather a great collection of Hotel Room Design Ideas That Blend Aesthetics With Practicality. In fact, a beautiful, functional home with a minimal theme is one of the hardest to design. A clean and uncluttered look is an absolute must. It takes skill, restraint and a whole lot of discipline.

Guestroom at Grand Hyatt Shenyang, interior designed by HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates


KC Grande Resort and Spa-Hillside by Foundry of Space, Thailand

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W Boutique Tower Apartment by Ando Studio

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Armani Hotel Milano

Armani Hotel Milano

Project Fitzroy, London, United Kingdom

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Edition Hotels Istanbul

Constructed like a beatifully crafted jewel-box, each room includes an entrance vestibule, bedroom area, work station and seating area with wall-to-wall windows overlooking the city. All suite accommodations are decorated in warm, natural tones with rich Rosewood and Soaped Oak wood throughout creating a sense of serene, understated luxury.

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Shangri-La Hotel Jing– A Render of Guest Room B by HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates. With two options available, guests can opt for a standard guest room or suite.

hotel room (3)

Hotel Habita , Mexico by Joseph Dirand Architects

FOTO-habitacion FOTO-habitacion04

Mr Chou’s Apartment by Chrystalline Architect

According to the architects: “We try to optimize the function of every part of this apartment, such as the space function, partition material and furniture, to accomodate all the owner activities. The extreme change-over is we replace the bathroom partition from standard brick wall into frameless glass to make it see-through, with roller blind to provide guest privacy.

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