Interior design is sometimes more important than food in a restaurant. Actually, it is element that persuades clients to stay or run before even tasting food. As restaurant interior design has grown very fast lately, we picked 7 examples that are on top of the list. Embracing a contemporary aesthetic, most of them rely on generous open spaces, interesting lighting systems and original decorative items that add personality to the space. Although they are located in different parts of the world, one thing they have in common: an oriental touch – be it on blue mosaics and tiles, traditional tapestry, or furnishing items – that makes the interior welcoming and relaxed. Enjoy the gallery and book a table!

Gordon Street Garage by Foolscap Studio

The concept of the Gordon Street Garage, located in an industrial area of West Perth, is that of the traditional Italian country kitchen and homestead, where passata, pasta and wine are made from scratch by the family. The former mechanics shop, now transformed into a ‘Nonna’-style kitchen and restaurant, has been designed by Foolscap Studio in collaboration with owner Nic Trimboli. The area of the restaurant is very large, and so has been divided into different spaces to offer a variety of dining experiences – from fast dining at the front of the restaurant, using stools, small tables and a communal table; there is a folded zinc bar in the centre area, which offers higher ‘bar’ style seating; and a family style dining space at the rear of the restaurant and under the mezzanine, where banquettes are the main seating type.

Gordon-Street-Garage_designrulz (1) Gordon-Street-Garage_designrulz (2) Gordon-Street-Garage_designrulz (3)  Gordon-Street-Garage_designrulz (5)Gordon-Street-Garage_designrulz (4)

Cafe-Restaurant Corbaci, Wien, Austria

The ceiling is absolutely amazing! A restaurant interior design with an Oriental touch!

corbaci-vienna-designrulz (1) corbaci-vienna-designrulz (2) corbaci-vienna-designrulz (3)

Restaurant Interior Design: Azzurro by Andrin Schweizer Company, Zurich

Azzurro Restaurant by Andrin Schweizer Company is a restaurant located inside the exhibition building in Zurich. Completed in 2011, each level is defined by a color, and in the same way also the restaurants, consequently every restaurant has the name of a color, in this case the name is Azzurro (light blue).

Azzurro-restaurant-Andrin-Schweizer-designrulz (3) Azzurro-restaurant-Andrin-Schweizer-designrulz (4) Azzurro-restaurant-Andrin-Schweizer-designrulz (8)

Contemporary Kook restaurant located in Roma, Italy designed by Mohamed Keilani

Designed by the Noses Architects, this contemporary Kook restaurant is located in Roma, Italy. Some of the words carved on the cement and wood walls of Rome’s Kook point out the restaurant’s kitchen (“Cucina”) and bar. Others encourage you to stop thinking so much, and start drinking instead: “Beviamoci su”. There is even an old adage: “Matto, furioso e privo di buon senso è chi del pasto non gode ogni senso”, which defines as crazy, insane, and utterly devoid of common sense anyone who eats a meal without enjoying it with all of the senses.

designrulz-kook-restaurant (1) designrulz-kook-restaurant (2) designrulz-kook-restaurant (3) designrulz-kook-restaurant (4) designrulz-kook-restaurant (5) designrulz-kook-restaurant (6) designrulz-kook-restaurant (7)

The Doner Company by Concrete, Leiden – Netherlands

Concrete created a complete new identity for interior and graphic appearance of The Doner Company. An innovative restaurant interior design to attract new costumers, who find an enjoyable atmosphere as crucial as the quality of the food itself. The Doner Company is an authentic taste experience, offering high quality products and service for the people passing by. Saying good-bye to the snack-bar-feel and environment, show the authentic heritage of the product and improving the workflow behind the counters. The interior of the store has some eyecatching wall finish made of colorful mosaic-style random finish that makes the environment looks lively. The mosaic style finish actually represent the Turkish market design. The wall fixture for toasting the bread or for the kebab is planted into the mosaic wall.

doner-company-designrulz (1) doner-company-designrulz (2) doner-company-designrulz (3) doner-company-designrulz (4)

Kebab Land

Kebab-Land Kebab-Land2

Divan Restaurant, Bucharest, Romania

The Turkish  bazaar atmosphere is created with beautiful turquoise walls, Ottoman artifacts and other decorative elements brought from Istanbul. Divan Restaurant brings an exotic oriental fragrance in Bucharest, Romania. Its interior design represents elegant and precisely measured fusion between ottoman art and custom designed objects. The walls are covered in authentic turkish carpets and kilim patchwork which contribute to a sense of warmth and intimacy.

Divan-Express-designrulz (1) Divan-Express-designrulz (2)