In modern times, just like fashion, Home interior trends are also constantly changing. They are reviewed and researched to bring up the best in styling to allow home owners and designers to incorporate the most recent technical advances. From the mirror on your wall to a luxurious en-suite, here is a check-list of what’s trending on the bath area scene.

1. “Bring in the Outdoors”-Literally

It’s hard to beat the serenity and charm that nature offers. Recreate a natural scenic setting, right in your bathroom with innovative use of stones, plants, and other organic elements. Hang plants and creepers on the wall or strategically place them to create a lovely mosaic of green alongside the bath area amenities, creating a wonderful contrast. You may take it further with earthy tones and use of natural wood for the furniture as well as nature-inspired designs for sanitary ware and shower essentials. This is a key bathroom trend that is the flavor of the season.

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2. “And let there be space”

A spacious master-bedroom calls for a spacious bathroom. A plan with easy access to the bath area from the master bedroom is a growing trend, creating a spacious and airy look. Homeowners want to feel proud of owning a designer bathroom which they can admire when relaxing on their beds or armchairs. One look at the wonderful basins, vanities and indulgent baths creates a deep sense of achievement that is almost therapeutic. Open plan designer bath areas with sliding doors are appreciated and admired.

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3. “Let’s go-High-Tech”

Welcome the future into your homes and bathrooms with these top of the line gadgets. Offering comfort and convenience, previously unknown, they make an attractive proposition and are cleverly included by designers in their creations. Water saving, intelligent bathroom fixtures that are way above the ordinary, fusing style and efficiency are gaining popularity. These include thermostatic mixers, mixers using multiple water sources, touch-screen showers or sensor activated flushes. An important factor is that these provide a better control on the temperature and flow for safe, fuss-free use.

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4. Freestanding Indulgence

An indulgence like no other is afforded by a freestanding bathtub. Market research proves that this trend is here to stay because of the tubs striking physical presence in the bath area. Incredibly uplifting to the body and spirit, they allow a bathing experience that is ethereal and provide a tantalizing me-time opportunity. Who can forget the bath splash between Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas in the movie “Original Sin”? Create your own memories and experiences, even when life around seems to be rushed with severe demand.

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5. Geometry is just not for buildings

If curves are sensuous then geometry is a classic. The pyramids of Egypt or Atlantis hotel in Dubai or the Gateway of India are testimony to that fact. Geometric prints on bathroom tiles instantly update its look that no one is likely to miss. Many designers have already used geometric tiles and styling, predicting this trend to spill over to the next year as well. These prints are perfect for adding drama to an otherwise neutral and minimalistic space.

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6. Recyle and Reuse

All of us are looking for ways and means to protect our planet and reduce our carbon footprint. Ideas that use recycled or reclaimed materials are fast gaining popularity. An important aspect of these efforts is reduced use of plastic, water-saving technologies, sustainable energy-saving gadgets and use of recyclable, biodegradable material for construction of everything inside the bath area. Consumers now prefer to buy from companies that are socially responsible and environmentally conscious. Such a thoughtfully done up bathroom will certainly be modern, unique and inspiring.


7. Shades of Grey!

Bid goodbye to the all white concept. Enter the colour of the season for bathrooms-Grey, along with blue and beige. NKBA also found it to be the fastest-growing shade for bathrooms. Grey is a wonderfully subtle hue creating a classy framework for brighter coloured bathroom essentials to create a stunning contrast. Do not worry, grey isn’t the least dull and lifeless when combined cleverly with chrome, white and other eye-popping colours. Design experts are generously using this hue to advantage by adding a splashes of bold or co-ordinated colours.

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