Landscape design is not only about water features, flowers, fences and gates. Engaging people in various actions while exploring the field could be more challenging than a simple gardening plan. Especially when it aims to satisfy the needs of many effervescent students. Fertile Ground below represents an inspiring example of landscape design that involves people, makes them feel the ground and delivers energy and cheerfulness as a reward. Realised by TCL (Taylor Cullity Lethlean), the project won the University of Sydney’s Darlington Campus International Design Competition to design the University’s new public domain. As the author explained, one of the most important element of the landscape design was to create a pedestrian corridor that connects the new library with the campus.

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 Custom designed furniture invite students and staff to relax within.

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Discreet lighting spots transform the campus into a fairytale. 

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Water harvesting wetlands were integrated into the landscape with underground storage tanks which irrigate the planting throughout the campus.

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Most of the people feel relaxed outside, reading or playing the guitar. 

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A high level of quality recycled and sustainably-sourced materials were used for this landscape design.

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