Are you looking for stylish ways to recreate this summer? Then, the gallery below gives you a helpful hand showing 16 trendy armchairs & lounges designed to boost comfort and wellbeing. Colourful, extravagant, original and, most of all, functional, the items convince you in a second that life is beautiful! From fluffy puffs and comfortable swing seats to wooden chaise loungers and modular stools, the collection with modern lounge furniture can satisfy any taste. Explore them step by step and visit the source sites if you decide to order something!

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A floor chair that disappears into the ground. It is not necessary to have a designed storage space for it because it creates its own when you install it.

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The Hippo is sure to be a space-saving marvel in any room folding from a cozy chair to a plush mattress that can be stored under most beds. Available in 9 twill fabric colour options. 

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The collection with modern lounge furniture continues with Loopita, which was designed as a space for conversation.

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After a long hard day you can feel snug retreating to the Nido by lounging in this folded cone-shaped chair. Lying on it as semi-circular mattress, you can even combine two for an even wider spread.

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Sway is a light rocking chair consisting of a padded seat and a steel frame.

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When it comes to modern lounge furniture, comfort is key. Dive in a pile of living stones!

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The Cradle is handmade in New Zealand from local materials, and is designed for indoor use.

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This molecule inspired bed is made out of 120 sofa balls, covered in elastic plastic and joined together. It is called “Feel Seating System” and it was designed by designer Animi Causa.

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Multi purpose furniture: sofa, armchair and paravane!

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Get down in the Funky Chair!

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The Flux Chair might look like a giant plastic envelope, but it’s actually a surprising seat that can be assembled in about ten seconds.

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 What about a net bed?

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 It’s play time with Bandito!