A skylight is a window placed in a roof or ceiling to admit daylight. Due to their benefits – bringing natural light in rooms that might otherwise be dark, framing views of the sky and clouds, providing a focus in a space -, skylights are frequently part of the integrated architectural strategy. This was exactly the case with the project below, a duplex-story house realized by Boom Town studio from Canada. From the very beginning, the couple living here decided to sacrifice a significant portion of the upstairs floor to make room for the light, all over the house. Although it sounded risky at first, today, in their house flooded with natural light, they have no regrets. ‘That was the idea behind the project’, says architect Eric Joseph Tremblay from Boom Town studio. ‘We wanted to create a trench to bring natural light on the ground floor, in all the living areas.’ Explore the project and let us know if you are going to install a skylight at home too.

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 When remodelling their duplex-story house, the owners chose to improve the living spaces by letting light penetrate profusely.

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The owners sacrificed some of the area upstairs to enjoy a huge opening of eight by twelve feet. A balustrade of tempered glass was installed all around so as to further enhance clarity. Those who are not accustomed to transparency may feel slightly dizzy while standing on the corridor thus created.

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