Have luxury and entertainment in comfort of your home with correct home projector: tips on buying a home theater projector

A home theatre projector system is a device with which you can enjoy movies, games, videos and presentations on a large screen with the help of projector equipment. A digital projector not only works well with home theatre systems but also in offices for business presentations during meetings etc. While a big screen or LED TV could be a great option as well but home theatre projector screen provide another level of movie watching experience. Not only do they offer top quality images but also great sound and overall experience. If you are thinking of buying a home theatre projector system, then you can consider the following given tips and suggestions:

  • Brightness

One of the most important things to consider while buying a projector for your home is the brightness offered. The brightness of digital projectors and other such devices is measured in Lumens and the number of Lumens suitable for your projector needs will depend upon the audience size as well as the conditions of lighting in the room. For example, for home use, 3000 lumens is more than sufficient.

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  • Resolution

The resolution is also a very important feature for multimedia projectors and is responsible for offering you the high quality images that you see. For home use, you must buy a projector with a WXGA resolution or 1280×800 pixels.

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  • Portability

The more portable your projector is, the better will it be for you to take it from one place to another or even from one room to another. It is important that you give portability enough importance while buying a projector since better portability will mean less space taken, less weight and more convenience. These days, very small projectors like pocket or Pico projectors are available and are extra light and small.

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  • Brand

Another thing that you will need to keep in mind while buying digital projector for your home is the brand or company. Make sure you buy a projector of a well- known or reputed brand and one which gives you at least a 1 year international warranty. If you are confused, ask your friends about the best brands or do an online search for the same.

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  • Budget

Another thing that you may keep in mind while buying a home theatre projector is your own budget. There is no limit to the price tags attached to such devices and these may be available in several price brackets. It is important to set a budget and then make the purchase. You must compare your options and do a slight research online to know the best possible options in your chosen price bracket.

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  • Other factors

Some other things that you will need to keep in mind while purchasing a projector is some additional features offered by it. For example, some of them come with compact travel cases while others may offer free installation services. While some may come with remote controls, others may offer you the option of more features and controllability factor.

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