Tuscan décors and Tuscan details are elements inspired from Tuscany, Italy. Tuscan or Mediterranean is a nice Italian theme to use in the decorative details of any home. The richness of tones and colors, reflect earth tones and deep hues of nature. While earth tones and tangible texture are the foundations of Tuscan style, the finishing touches can be achieved through the use of natural and rustic looking furnishings and accessories. The traditional old world décor of Tuscan villas and farmhouses is a much sought after style in homes today. Textured walls, stone flooring, and tile roofing are some of the true details that stem from rich Italian tradition. Bring these creative Tuscan ideas in your home to get that Old World feel in your home. From colors and textures to add decorative accessories and fabrics. See how your home will feel transformed into a warm and inviting home from Tuscany, Italy! [photos source]

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If you want to bring a flavor of Tuscan countryside into your home, here are ways to bring Tuscan inspired details into your home.


Fabrics and Textiles

The use of fabrics is an integral part of Tuscan style. Tobacco, savannah, and burlap clothes and fibers from banana, abaca, and coconut are all used in this style to create a natural lived-in vibe. You can use these materials for anything including floor coverings, rugs, table place mats, wall decorations, privacy screens, space dividers, curtains, blinds, and drapes.

Tuscan Details_fabrics (1) Tuscan Details_fabrics (2)

Color & Texture

Natural colors and textures are the features of Tuscan style. Earthy tones like gold, dark green, ochre, yellow, sage, and different shades of brown can be added in walls, fabrics, and rugs. These colors along with textured walls display the strong connection to nature that Italian style keeps.

tuscan_destails_Color Texture (1) tuscan_destails_Color Texture (1) tuscan_destails_Color Texture (2)
Accessories and Decor

Homemade and common accessories able to highlight the cultural heritage are cherished by Tuscan style. Ceramic, silver, copper, iron are all common in Tuscan design.


Outdoor home

Patio is an important part of Tuscan style homes. Create a truly cozy outdoor experience by setting up the patio with lounging and dining furniture. Enhance the look by using artworks featuring something natural like floral still life or landscapes. Do not forget to pick up a palette of colors that resonates to the Tuscan countryside.

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