Tiny house growing family? Then, you have come to the right place. Realised by BG Architecture, the residence below functions as an excellent example for those who want to boost their living conditions as the family gets bigger. Located in the Melbourne suburb of Balaclava, this contemporary house features a flexible series of spaces that will immediately adapt to the changing needs of the growing family. Furthermore, the team opted for a strong connection between interior and exterior. Thus, lots of views into the garden animate the space, the flooring flows out through bi-fold doors onto courtyards and decks, and operable windows draw in cool breezes on hot days. In a nutshell, they are the hallmarks of contemporary homes designed not just to look great but to also lived in.

Balaclava-designrulz (1)

In the living room, a comfortable sofa and several puffs create the set-up for the daily relief. 

Balaclava-designrulz (2)

The pool represents one of the most attractive areas of the estate. 

Balaclava-designrulz (3) Balaclava-designrulz (4)

In this contemporary house, living and kitchen share one open space. 

Balaclava-designrulz (5)

A wall of rustic, brick-orange tiles provides a warm backdrop to the grouping of mirror, basin and pendants in the powder room. 

Balaclava-designrulz (6)

The pool deck sits under a timber pergola that resembles a deconstructed version of the timber-clad pavilion. 

Balaclava-designrulz (7)

The day bed offers an ideal spot to relax under the bay window, and also provides storage space.   

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