LED lights are remarkable accessories if you want to create a charming atmosphere in the garden. Summer evenings will never be the same after you install some electric fireflies of LEDs. They come to full brightness without need for a warm-up time and their efficiency is several times better than incandescent lamps. Deck, terrace, pool, door entrance or flower pots – they all deserve a royal look in the spotlight. Explore what we found on lazarlandscape.com and prepare your garden for a fairy tale.

1. Beautifying the deck

The terrace suggests an exposed deck of a ship and the LED lights above make the ceiling look like a starry sky.

1 deck (1)

1 deck (2)

2. Mark the stairs

In the garden, the terrain usually has lots of unevennesses. If you build several stairs, make sure the difference between levels is marked with LED lights so that nobody stumbles accidentally.

2 different level3. Decorate the entrance

A spot behind a stained glass is a perfect decoration for an entrance.

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image121269174. LED lights for the facade

Massive buildings need spots of light to get charm and grace.

4 facade  (2) 4 facade dr5. Shinny spots in the flowers

Accent lighting is mainly decorative, intended to highlight the plants in the garden.

5 yard (1) 5 yard (2)6. Spots on the fence

6 fence (1) 6 fence (2)7.  LED lights in the garden

7 deco (1) 7 deco (2) 7 deco (3)8. Light on the alleys

8 path (1) 8 path (2) 8 path (3) 8 path (4)9. Incredible light for pools

9 pool (1) 9 pool (2)10. Mark every step

10 stair light (1) 10 stair light (2)