Charming backyard patio ideas can inspire landscaping projects that will beautify your backyard designs. Just like interior rooms, patios benefit from seasonal spruce-ups, new furniture arrangements, and fresh crops of accessories. Take your redesign cue from these 16 patios that illustrate inspirational, on-trend, and achievable redesign strategies. Even very simple backyard patio designs can add lots of comfort to outdoor spaces, increase the size of your home and its values, creating inviting outdoor rooms for dining, entertaining and relaxation. The courtyard can in fact be utilized to make it fit to the theme of the interiors of the house. And in most cases, the patio is basically beatified using lot of green plants strategically planted or potted plants placed in appropriate ways to make the place look vibrant and also give it a touch of decoration.

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To begin your decoration of the patio with plants, the first and foremost requirement is to have a blueprint, a plan, or maybe a theme in mind. And only then can we move on accordingly. But some of the most obvious ways of decorating the courtyard is to hang potted plants at the edges of the adjacent walls surrounding the patio. This can be followed by placing specific plants like shrubs in a neat way in the corners of the patio. You can add a patio around the house or a swimming pool, create a wonderful place for BBQ in the garden or on the spot with a lovely view. A deck or a small patio design can be incorporated into outdoor stairs and house structure, or can be a part of your house roof design.

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