In addition to being one of the world’s most historic regions, Greece is also a stunningly beautiful vacation destination. And a Greece villa vacation puts you in touch with the best of both worlds. Because no matter where you stay, you’ll be surrounded by amazing history and culture, and gorgeous natural scenery. As a first-time traveler to Greece, start your exploration in Athens, visiting the famous Acropolis, Parthenon and the stadium that hosted the world’s first Olympic games.  Then head to the islands. The Greek Islands—there are over 6,000 of them—are known for their brilliant, white cliffside cities, cobalt blue seas, and gorgeous black sand beaches. For today we gather 5 Amazing Luxury Villas to Rent in Greece. Be sure to sample the delicious Greek wines, artisanal cheeses and local specialties along with other staples of the Mediterranean diet.Enjoy!


Drakothea, Mykonos

Drakothea is a stunningly beautiful property and offers an extraordinary setting for a dream vacation. The distinctive combination of breathtaking views, artistic elements, modern amenities, privacy, luxury and comfort make this villa an exceptional vacation spot.Drakothea is carved on a hill in a beautiful, peaceful spot, on the south east side of the island of Mykonos. There are breathtaking and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and numerous other islands (Naxos, Paros, Ikaria, Donusa) as well as the unexploited terrain of Mykonos past. Due to its majestic location, one has the feeling of floating over the Aegean, with Lia Bay at your feet and the secluded Tigani Beach minutes from your property.

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Villa Verde

Villa Verde is located on top of a hill in Filitzi and enjoys panoramic views of the Aegean sea and the island of Naxos. The architecture follows the typical Cycladic minimal lines and aesthetics with the white, grey and blue prevailing in all expressions and spaces. The main structures are embraced by local vegetation and olive trees further creating a positive aura and energy. This is an ultra stylish and spacious villa, with a unique design to accommodate large families and group of friends while enhancing privacy and comfort.The outdoor areas offer a variety of corners to celebrate the sunset and cherish moments with family and friends. This is an exceptional property, never rented out before and is ideal experience in the island of Paros.

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Villa Matilde, Crete

Villa Matilde is a 5 star luxury villa overlooking the bay of Chania in Crete and embraces the sea like no other in the area.It is one of the very few to offer direct access to the sea over a private pathway leading to the rocky coastline. Designed by a sea lover, 3 of the 4 master bedrooms and both living rooms assure breathtaking panoramic views over the turquoise bay. From the minimalist architecture to the quality of the construction and the exclusive interior design and furniture, no compromise has been made. This luxurious villa is clearly the ideal retreat for a demanding clientele, as it has primarily been designed as the lifetime dream of its owner, not as a rental estate. Enjoy a cold drink on one of the terraces, dive into the warm water of the infinity pool or simply relax on the “dream area” halfway down to the sea. If you prefer the fresh sea to the cozy pool, take the rocky pathway to the sea and enjoy a salty swim in complete privacy.

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Villa Nephele is a white Mykonian dream, facing Tinos and the Aegean Sea. True to the Cycladic architecture, this white-washed building is imposing, intervening masterfully in the surrounding landscape. While a spacious infinity swimming pool appears to be embracing the property, the sitting and dining areas have been designed with an eye to enjoying the outdoors, with magnificent views, to be appreciated all around. Guests are welcome to spend day and night, breathing in the Villa’s air of serenity. The Villa’s interior is a tribute to white, with its white walls, decapè floors, and white-beamed ceilings. White sofas and off-white furniture continue the composition, while black vases and a wenge wood dining table enliven it. Floor lamps resembling wooden sculptures and wooden chandeliers create dramatic frames. The white bedrooms allow the natural light to play with their luxurious fabrics and surfaces.

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Eros, Mykonos

Eros is the perfect match for those seeking a high standard experience from all points of view as it epitomizes everything one could look for in a villa: a great position and stunning interiors enriched by all modern comforts.Located in a private ultra-exclusive villa resort, Eros is one of Mykonos’ most sought after properties when it comes to meeting all expectations of luxury. The villa guarantees privacy thanks to its location on the estate and the 24 hour security service offered while also providing all options to VIP clientele due to the availability, upon request, of a private helipad and a small dock access for tenders.

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