Being an artist for your own crib is one of the most exciting activities you can practice at home. Walls, ceilings, windows and curtains can function as canvases for the painter hid inside of you as long as you dare to exercise your talent. To help you, we gathered a bunch of ideas in the gallery below, most of them dedicated to DIY wall decorations with Washi tape. Easy to handle, this style of paper was first made in Japan from bamboo, rice or wheat. It is produced in a traditional manner, similar to that of ordinary paper, but fewer chemicals are used. Thanks to its flexibility and affordable price, Washi paper has become very trendy in design, art, cuisine, clothing and furniture. And, not least, Washi tape with adhesive can be an excellent material for DIY wall decorations. Explore the gallery and pick the best ideas for your home!

Washi tape wall art

tape wall art (3)

 All you need is white canvas and black Washi tape. Use it to create different triangles. Also, you can make little circles by adhering the tape to wax paper, cutting out shapes, and then peeling it off.

tape wall art (1) tape wall art (2)

A friendly polar bear next to the children’s bed promises a peaceful night. 

tape_animales_DR (1) tape_animales_DR (2) tape_animales_DR (3)

Washi tape windows

The weather forecast is fantastic so we need extra windows to admire the landscape. Take some Washi tape and install them on the wall!

Washi tape windows

 Tape picture frames

To make fun and stylish tape picture frames, you need a few pictures to frame, one or more kinds of decorative tape, scissors and a knife. Tape comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures, so do some browsing here and find what you like best!

1 2

New York city masking tape skyline

Draw the silhouette of a city with black Washi tape and you’ll feel like being in a vacation all day long!

designrulz_new-york-city-skyline-bedhead  (1) designrulz_new-york-city-skyline-bedhead  (2)

How to paint a mosaic accent wall

Use the stripes to create a lovely mosaic wall in a room.

tape_wall decor (1) tape_wall decor (2) tape_wall decor (3) tape_wall decor (4)  tape_wall decor (5)

DIY temporary wallpaper using washi tape

Designers call them statement walls or temporary installations for parties, but we think they can remain unchanged forever. This will be the most eye-catching part of your room!

tape_wall decor (4)tape_wall decor (1) tape_wall decor (6)tape_wall decor (2)   tape_wall decor (5) tape_wall decor (3)

DIY washi tape wall decor

Small black crosses create a focal wall of pop art inspiration in a room.

DIY-Washi-tape-wall-decal_designrulz_ (3)DIY-Washi-tape-wall-decal_designrulz_ (6)DIY-Washi-tape-wall-decal_designrulz_ (7)DIY-Washi-tape-wall-decal_designrulz_ (2) DIY-Washi-tape-wall-decal_designrulz_ (1)   DIY-Washi-tape-wall-decal_designrulz_ (4) DIY-Washi-tape-wall-decal_designrulz_ (5)  DIY-Washi-tape-wall-decal_designrulz_ (1)

Hexagon Art

If you love metallics and geometrics, opt for a shimmery hexagon wall art in the living room.