A modern kitchen is sometimes so stylish that it looks like an art gallery. With all the cooking equipment fully integrated, it hides the kitchenware in safe places and shows only beautiful parts in front of the audience. As you can easily notice, the model we discovered today serves this mission perfectly. It was realised by designer Eric Kant for Tinello Keuken & Interieur from The Netherlands. Planned for an open space, the kitchen features a stylish island in the middle, with massive countertop and wooden body. Although it may look weird to introduce olive wood in a kitchen, Eric Kant felt the material would soften the rigidity of a modern space. What happened exactly. Moreover, it brings a natural element inside, creating a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

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The sleek, modern lines of the kitchen create an architectural appearance.  

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When the kitchen is so elegant, it is easy to allow a smooth, open connection with the living room. White, beige and brown are the predominant tones in the area, thus reflecting owners’ desire for natural paradises. 

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Excellently fabricated, the island reigns in the kitchen. Pots with green plants and flowers enliven the space, while several vases and decorative items are exhibited in the niches.