Would you like to come home and dive in a world of relaxation and beauty? Fish observation alleviates stress and I suggest you should choose an aquarium for your living room. Fish tanks and aquariums are often the main attraction in a room; however, it is usually the fish themselves that are the focal point rather than the tank. In addition to stress reduction, aquariums have been known to calm hyperactive children and reduce adults’ blood pressure, at least temporarily. For today, we gather a great collection of Cool Aquariums for Your Kids Room! Enjoy!

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ZeroEdge Aqua U Desktop Aquarium

This little aquarium is built out of cast acrylic with a designer appeal. The view is completely unobstructed with all its filtration hidden in the back. Currently available in White or Black, other options will be available soon.


Bubble Tank by Psalt Design

Next time you look at an aquarium like the Bubble Tank by Psalt Design, you’re guaranteed to stare more at the tank than the fish inside. This is because it is not an ordinary mass-produced device. Instead, it is a fish tank that celebrates design and craft in a way which is bound to raise a spirit of conversation around. The tank has been made from premium glass that is hand-blown and slumped by a master glassblower.


Zooquariums: Elephant Shaped Fish Bowl

This is one elephant in the room you want people to see! The bowl has a distinct design perfect for kid’s bedrooms, living room or anywhere you want to relax.

elefant_tank_designrulz (1) elefant_tank_designrulz (2) elefant_tank_designrulz (3)

BiOrb 15L Flow Aquarium, White

The BiOrb Flow Aquarium from Reef One comes as a DIY box kit. Everything you need is in the box, except for the fish. As a matter of fact, the only thing fishy about it is the fish food inside. The rest is just the nuts and bolts of the aquarium, which is ridiculously easy to put together. You get the ceramic media, the filter cartridge, a 12V transformer, air pump, LED light and the tank. For the record, you can get a 15 or 30 liter tank, depending on how fishy you want your aquarium to be. The small one is ideal for tiny fish or shrimps that will look good as a decorative item on your desk or on a table.

BiOrb_designrulz (1) BiOrb_designrulz (2) BiOrb_designrulz (3)

The Milk Aquarium

The Milk Aquarium, designed for use with Milk desks, adds another dimension to your work space. A few minutes staring at some Zen-like fish, or perhaps some fresh flowers, will reduce workday stress. This Milk desk is an ergonomic, height adjustable desk. With built-in cubbies to hold your pens and clips, and discrete cord management, the MILK Classic Table is the design world’s answer to whistling while you work.


The Aquaponic Fish Tank

This is the fish tank with a surface aquafarm that creates a symbiotic relationship that helps plant live and fish thrive. A plant tray on top of the aquarium keeps plant roots submerged and the included beneficial bacteria convert ammonia-rich fish waste into nitrates and nutrients that help plants thrive. The tank has a built-in pump that constantly delivers waste to the plant tray and the plants convert the waste into food and clean the water in the process.

The Aquaponic Fish Tank

The Aquarium Coffee Table

Innovative, liquid luxury. This ever-changing aquatic habitat readily creates a relaxing atmosphere while offering everyday utility. This is the glass-topped coffee table that contains an aquarium. The tank rests on a heavy-duty black acrylic base; lights in the base illuminate the tank from beneath the bed of blue glass gravel. Comes with two-stage submersible filter pump and decorative plants. Plugs into AC with a 6′ cord; access panel in base allows you to reach electric parts. For freshwater fish; gap under top allows for feeding.

designrulz_coffe-table-aquarium (1) designrulz_coffe-table-aquarium (2) designrulz_coffe-table-aquarium (3)