So, you love romantic cottage looks with their charming porcelains and chic tapestries. Then, you have come to the right place. English cottage style is more about creating a mood than about buying a list of must-have items of furniture. Realised by Romanian designer Anda Roman, the house bellow proves it undoubtedly. Using white or light beige as a dominant tone, the interior is like a canvas where a collection of authentic pieces were exhibited. Be creative and embrace the romantic cottage look if you want to bring poetry at home! [Photos source:].

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anda roman (1)

Bird houses create the feeling that we’ve stepped in the garden for a while. Use it like a chandelier or simply hang it up in a place with good perspectives.

anda roman (2)

A traditional wooden chair was used as a bedside table. It brings authenticity and it turns back time. 

anda roman (3)

 A lovely corner near the window! The circular sofa with comfy cushions and lots of colourful pillows invites you to lounge for a while or to gather all your friends for a storytelling session. 

anda roman (4)

 Wood is used frequently in romantic cottage looks. Let it bluntly exposed or paint it in white, blue or green if you feel spots of colours are needed. Vintage items of furniture complete the atmosphere beautifully.

anda roman (5)

 I love cottage looks because you are free to mix, reuse and invent things. Like the super cool chandelier in the dining room made of several empty glass bottles.

anda roman (6)

 Those who love natural landscapes can’t ignore the photos above: the natural texture of the dining table fits wonderfully in this cozy dining.

anda roman (7)

 A couch in velvet and a woolly blanket offer sweet escapes during rainy afternoons.  

anda roman (8)

 If you have some vintage tiles from ancient times keep them safe, they are priceless in cottage interiors. 

anda roman (9)

 Violet, the colour of the emperors or the hue of lavender fields, animate the bedroom above.

anda roman (10) anda roman (11)

 Be prepared to look for various fabrics, prints and tapestries if you want the English cottage style at home.  

anda roman (12) anda roman (13)

 A white sofa and a blue armchair work perfectly in this cozy living room. 

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