We present to you kids bedroom interior design project  created by Adoro design. Children’s rooms are some of our favorite design rooms, as it allows us to look at it from a different angle of the interior design and to create a beautiful and comfortable environment for the development and growth of a little girl. Comfortable, clean, healthy and highly functional, the main concept behind bedroom is that they offer vivid colors and natural light that helps your child feel the whole ambiance of the room. If you are looking for more ideas for your kids bedroom you should also check out this post: Colorful, modern and modular: Klou by Battistella

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You’ll notice that part of the bed is placed in a niche in the wall used as wardrobe. As it couldn’t be used as wardrobe and this wall was only suitable for deployment on the bed. Making this exchange we have left a big space in the middle of room, which serves for fun games. We located the desk in front of the window. The ceiling is a combination of gypsum panels and furniture panels in wood decor and provides uniform light in the room. In the ceiling is set hidden backlighting. Above the desk are positioned hanging luminaire that will provide good illumination while studying. If you need interior design or have questions about kids room furniture do not hesitate to contact us.

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