Use natural light to bring out the beauty of your interior! The window ledge is the brightest spot in any room.The Espaciel light reflector instantly improves the natural brightness of dark rooms. You can use the Espaciel light reflector to redirect this source of natural light to the farthest reaches of your home.
The Espaciel reflector is practical and efficient, and provides well-being and comfort on an everyday basis.You no longer have to move if your home is too dark!: “Fitted with a highly reflective, swiveling surface, the Espaciel reflector can be used to direct daylight in any desired direction. You can thus increase the natural light levels in your home easily and intuitively“, the designers explained.

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The Espaciel works by placing it in front of a window. There are three models available and the user can choose the one that suits his or her home best. The type of product depends on the surface on which it is mounted: balcony railing, exterior window sill and interior window ledge. The Espaciel interior reflector is simply placed on the window ledge and can be placed on all types of material without the need for drilling (wood, stone, plasterboard, etc.).The Espaciel reflector is very slim (4 mm thickness), so your windows will still open easily even when it is installed. If your window has no ledge, or if there is a radiator fitted under it, an installation kit is included in the package for attaching the light reflector to the wall.

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