Designed by Dorrington Atcheson Architect in 2013, Marine Parade is a private home located in Herne Bay, Auckland, New Zealand. Retaining the charm of the building along with some quality materials was integral to this extensive two-stage alteration.The renovation process was done in 2 stages. The aim was to make the spaces bigger, to tidy up the material palette and, externally, to re-present the overall mass and street appeal of the property.

Marine-Parade-designrulz (9)

In Stage One, the interiors were re-defined, and a pavilion that flows out from the central core beneath a new fold of the roof was added. The pavilion includes a dining nook that reminds of the 70s as well as a living area and a modern kitchen. The cabinetry, the breakfast pantry and several shelves are built-in for extra convenience. Disguising the gables was an important part of the Stage Two, a new two-storey box intersects with the main form of the home; it contains a bedroom and en suite, with a garage below. This cube is defined architecturally by fine cedar battening, an element that is repeated to hide the main gable over the upper storey of the dwelling. Since primary gable over the upper storey featured cedar battening, this new unit also received the same finish for a harmonious and seamless integration. A playful material fluidity is seen in the garden fence which wraps its way behind the garage of the box to reappear as cladding on the ground level of the original home.

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