Choose turquoise when you are not decided whether it should be a greenish blue or bluish green. I really love turquoise kitchen decor. Appreciated for its hot look and its capacity to animate the space, the colour has become a star in interior design nowadays. You can combine it with yellow, if you want to evoke Mexico or with white, if you are in love with the ocean. Metal infusions like brass or gold work perfectly with turquoise as they will produce a noble, sophisticated atmosphere. Versatile in studios or bathrooms, the tone can be an amazing accessory in your kitchen too. The gallery below presents 18 ideas that can inspire you to paint your cheerful kitchen in turquoise. As you can easily notice, from floor to ceiling, the reflections of aquamarine transform the room into a lively, stylish place. Just have a look!

turquoise Kitchen (12)

Turquoise should simply behave like a light, calm tone which offers tranquility and coziness, if the items of furniture derive from a classic set. Natural wood with exposed textures is recommended as it reveals the essential beauty of the materials. Moreover, it brings warmth and hospitality. Due to its royal look, turquoise can easily accept aristocratic pieces nearby as would be an antique chandelier or a vintage floor lamp. Surprisingly, the ‘mineral’ associates attractively with cane chairs and marble top tables. But, if your kitchen has a modern look, blend it with metallic accessories and silvery, lustrous appliances.

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