If you want to increase the value of your home or just make it more comfortable, there are some cheap and easy improvements you can do all by yourself.

1. Clean and Paint or Wallpaper Walls

Walls become discolored after a few years, which can make any home look drab. The best way to wash your walls is by using a window cleaning wand and broom handle. Fill a bucket with water and use a bit of Dawn dish soap. Just ring out the wand and gently rub over the walls. Then repeat with fresh clean water to rinse. You can now either paint the walls a different color or just add a wallpaper border around the top near the ceiling to enhance the beauty of the room.

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2. Crown Molding

If you are not fond of the idea of using wallpaper borders, you may wish to add a bit old style charm by adding crown molding in some of your rooms. You can find crown molding that is easy to install without worrying about being a carpenter. Just check out your hardware store for Trimroc molding. Crown molding will add a bit of elegance to the room.

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3. Window Treatments

If you have blinds up on your windows or old curtains, you can easily add new window treatments. Today, there are many different styles of blinds that can add a new atmosphere to any room in your home without costing you hundreds of dollars. You can even place curtains over the blinds for an entirely new feel.

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4. Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets after a few years begin to look worn. You can easily create a better-looking kitchen if you know the secret. Clean with warm water and Dawn dish soap. Dawn actually cuts grease better than other chemicals and is safe to use around animals and children. If you need to do a bit more than just clean, you can change the hardware and create a new look in your kitchen. All you have to do is measure and ensure you purchase new handles and knobs that will fit in place of the old ones.

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5. Caulk around Sinks, Bathtubs, and Showers

If you notice that the caulk has discolored with age, you can easily remove the old caulk and replace with new caulk in a short amount of time. This small and easy fix, will give your bathroom a new fresh look and feel as you had when you first purchased the home.


6. Ceiling Fans and Lighting

Ceiling fans are a great way to add atmosphere to your home as well as provide cooling breezes in the summer months as well as circulate heat during the winter. Along with installing ceiling fans, you can easily add new chandeliers or lamps to dark corners all over your home to brighten as well as enhance the beauty of your home.


7. Appliances

Instead of completely replacing your older kitchen appliances, you can actually give them a new and modern appeal with the high costs of replacement. As long as the appliances are working properly there is no reason to purchase an entirely new appliance. All you need to do is order a new face panel for your dishwasher, LG™ WM3050CW Washer, oven or microwave.