DIY projects are amazing practices when Christmas knocks at the door. With a pile of cinnamon sticks, you will transform your house into a cozy, warm interior, while your guests will admire your talent and creativity. Although cinnamon sticks are usually used to add fragrant spice and aromatic appeal to hot beverages, they proved high versatility in decorating too. Anyone that has a pair of scissors, some catchy ribbons, a glue tube and some intense oil paints can exercise his skills at home. On top of the list is the candle holder, one of the easiest DIY project in our gallery. All you have to do is to place the cinnamon sticks one by one near the candle and tie them up with a ribbon. As for the colours, red, silver and gold go perfectly with the Christmas spirit and, if you attach a fir branch nearby, the magic is complete. Or, you can arrange the cinnamon sticks in circle, like the rays of the sun and fix them up on a holder so that the candle sits in the middle. You can combine sticks of different lengths, as illustrated in the photos below.

Fabric Christmas trees are among our DIY projects too. Cut in little triangles, two pieces of fabric are sewn together and filled with cotton, letting a small orifice for a cinnamon stick which will be the trunk of the tree. Once they are ready, hang them at the door, on the wall or in the Christmas tree. Eco-friendly activists will appreciate your idea of building a forest of memorable fabrics at home. :-) After tailoring, practise you artistic skills in painting! A joyful Santa Claus with a long, white beard will appear on a cinnamon stick if you paint a cuddlesome face on it. Glue two black beads for the eyes and wait for the presents! Last, but not least, the cinnamon stick coaster drew our attention because it is simple and functional. Take a bunch of 20 sticks, line them up, tie them with a string and the coaster is almost done. Double the network in order to make the item more durable. Now, it can hold a glass of hot wine or a tea kettle for your friends. Have a look and enjoy the gallery with DIY projects today!

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Cinnamon Christmas Tree Hanging Decoration

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 Cinnamon frame decor

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Cinnamon Stick Candle Holder

3 Cinnamon glass (1) 3 Cinnamon glass (2)

Cinnamon stick coaster

2 Cinnamon stick coaster (1) 2 Cinnamon stick coaster (4)

Cinnamon stick trees

1 Cinnamon stick trees (1) 1 Cinnamon stick trees (2)