DIY pallet tables have the power to transform any  living room into a cutting-edge interior. Thus, we thought a gallery of 12 pallet tables would challenge the designer in you to find smart solutions for the wasted items in the garage. If you do not have one at home, ask at any warehouse or farm nearby. They usually keep a lot of reclaimed wood, and each scuff, patina or dent will give the table a natural look. From bed frames to shoe racks, the pallets can be used in multiple inventive projects with very little cost. But, the most popular item is the DIY pallet table that usually has glass or plastic cuts to the top and lockable casters to the bottom. The first in our gallery has 3 storing levels underneath, perfect for magazines, newspapers and books. Due to its industrial appeal, most of the people left the DIY pallet tables exposed without too much finishings, while others prefer to shock the audience with hot paintings. As for the decorations around, pick warm tones (beige, orange, yellow) and choose carpets from natural fibres underneath (flax, cotton, hemp) because they increase the feeling of harmony and tranquility. Last, but not least, several candles, sculptures or hot paintings will add personality to the interior even though it may seem a striking mix at the beginning.

Pallet Coffee Table

coffee table (1) table (2)SAMSUNGtable (4)table (5)table (6)table (1)coffee table (3) IMG_1501coffee table pallet

DIY Pallet Dining Table 

pallet table (1) pallet table (2) pallet table (3) pallet table (4)