A kindergarten is a preschool educational approach traditionally based around playing, singing, practical activities such as drawing, and social interaction as part of the transition from home to school. The first such institutions were created in the late eighteenth century in Bavaria and Strasbourg to serve children both of whose parents worked out of the home. For today we gather a collection of  Top 10 Amazing Modern Kindergartens  Where Your Children Would Love to Go. Enjoy and tell us your opinion!


Sjötorget Kindergarten / Rotstein Arkitekter Stockholm, Sweden

Rotstein Arkitekter has designed a kindergarten on the ground level of a new residential block in Stockholm. We envisioned a playful environment designed to encourage and inspire the creativity of the children. The entrance is situated at the center of the kindergarten, with an abundance of natural light and sight lines through the building.

SJ torget-kindergarten-rotstein (1) SJ torget-kindergarten-rotstein (2) SJ torget-kindergarten-rotstein (3) SJ torget-kindergarten-rotstein (4)

Kindergarten by Eva Samuel Architec, Dalle des Olympiades, Paris

In the Olympiades quarter, the reconstructed kindergarten stands out like a gleaming toy amidst the neighbouring towers and blocks. It is part of the re-evaluation of a dense, functional and mixed urban planning project built in the 1960s and 70s. In this very lively district, the City of Paris is implementing a project involving property consolidations and redescriptions of exterior spaces.

gaston-bergeret  (2)

gaston-bergeret  (3)gaston-bergeret  (1)

Kindergarten Barbapapà by ccd studio

The project of KindergartenBarbapapà” was designed to a notice competition for project financing, in 2006, proposed by Vignola’s municipality. The program consisted in the space for 60 children divided in four classroom.The project aimed to be an architectural expression of mature consciousness about the sustainable themes. This value was found in the all possible relationships with surroundings. The architectural project start to this point and express this principal theme in all his part, to transmit the sustainable value to all his young guests.

DR vig (3)DR vig (1)DR vig (2)

Kensington International Kindergarten by Plan Architect

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, this project is mainly intend to find the new perception of playing space that should give more opportunity for the kids to use the space up to their imagination. The clear glass curve walls acting like thin layers that separate softly between learning space inside and playing space outside in order to get the kids closely to the nature environment.

kensington-international-kindergarten-plan-architect (4)kensington-international-kindergarten-plan-architect (1)kensington-international-kindergarten-plan-architect (3) kensington-international-kindergarten-plan-architect (2)   kensington-international-kindergarten-plan-architect __

Design Kindergarten by CEBRA

CEBRA has been designing several buildings for young users and their new Design Kindergarten attempts to break preconceived notions of “what a school should look like” as a way to pique children’s curiosity and creativity.  In addition to the architectural strategy of redefining a daycare center, the client/architect relation is something to be noted.  The parents participated in the design process in a very active way, offering ideas and criticism to push the project forward.

cebra (1) cebra (2) cebra (3)

Forming Playscapes: What Schools Can Learn from Playgrounds

Let’s begin with the obvious: kids like to climb, and run, and get their hands on anything that could (and probably will) break. They like to explore and imagine, create and destroy and create again.

schulberg (2) schulberg (1)schulberg (3)

Playhouses Casaforum ideal for your children and garden

Spacious and comfortable for children`s playtime. Elegant and decorative for the garden. Casaforum is a playhouse which is coated with a steel sheet perforated with shapes similar to the leaves on trees. This chameleon-like playhouse will blend in perfectly in your garden.


Modern Forfatterhuset Kindergarten by COBE, Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish architects COBE have recently completed a new daycare center in Copenhagen, Denmark. The kindergarten consists of five small houses in one to three floors – all with green roofs and roof gardens. From the outside the kindergarten appears as a village for children, but from the inside it is coherent and efficient. The kindergarten opened its doors in July 2014 and is the result of a competition held in 2012 won by Danish architects COBE in collaboration with PK3 landscape architects and D.A.I. engineers.

 Forfatterhuset Kindergarten COBE designrulz (13) Forfatterhuset Kindergarten COBE designrulz (14) Forfatterhuset Kindergarten COBE designrulz (15)

Ring Around a Tree by Tezuka Architects

In Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan at Fuji Kindergarten complex, Tezuka Architects completed “Ring Around a Tree”. The “Ring around a tree” provides more classrooms and a waiting room for the bus stop. The new about 145 m2 building sited adjacent to the existing school, serves a dual-purpose: It is one the one hand a space for English-language classrooms and on the other hand a waiting station for school buses.

ring-designrulz-003 ring-designrulz-004 ring-designrulz-005 ring-designrulz-008

Modern Kindergarten in Jakarta, Indonesia

Bintaro Jaya is one of the many suburban areas of Jakarta, Indonesia that is constantly growing. As one of the highly congested real estate development, there is a high demand for educational facilities. Many kindergartens and pre-schools are built in residential areas, appearing in even the smallest neighborhood units.

KINDER-GARDEN-designrulz-016 KINDER-GARDEN-designrulz-020 KINDER-GARDEN-designrulz-021

Kita Göttingen by Despang Architekten

Situated between major municipalities in the town of Göttingen, Germany, is Despang Architekten’s model for progressive post-fossil construction within the higher educational setting. The Kita Kindergarten serves as a case study for the proactive approach to self-sufficiency and sustainability through careful attention to both energy efficiency standards – Passive House – and long term planning towards net zero.

kita-goettingen-page-7 (1) kita-goettingen-page-7 (2) kita-goettingen-page-7 (3)

Kindergarten 8Units Velez-Rubio / LosdelDesierto – Spain

The aim of this project is the development of psychomotor skills, mental and social development are to help. At an early age, and children instinctively recognize a sloping roof houses, so that their design, the roof of the garage and, finally, the doors and windows. A kindergarten is the “big house” – where they spend most of the time.

Nursery-VelezRubio_designrulz (1) Nursery-VelezRubio_designrulz (3) Nursery-VelezRubio_designrulz (7)

Amazing Kindergarten Located in Terenten, a Mountain Village from Italy

Located in Terenten, a mountain village in the Val Pusteria in South Tyrol, Italy, this kindergarten was designed by feld72. South Tyrol is a border region, a territory which is defined by the overlapping of three cultures, visual expressed through architecture. Therefore, this new building acts as a mediator between these worlds, starting from the context but transcending it. The site location is dominated by its topography, and the architects thoughtfully designed a building that would integrate with its environment.

Kindergarten-Terenten-DESIGNRULZ-027 Kindergarten-Terenten-DESIGNRULZ-032 Kindergarten-Terenten-DESIGNRULZ-037

COBY Kindergarten / Tsushima Design Studio

Created by Tsushima Design Studio , the design intent is to then allow the resulting architecture to “spread” and respond back into the local community. Outdoor play-scape and facilities are integrated into the landscape design, which serves as playground, educational space, childcare space all at once while allowing these activities to “spill” and “spread” into the neighborhood.

coby-kindergarten (1)  coby-kindergarten (3)coby-kindergarten (2)