We found these amazing duvet covers from a Dutch company called Snurk. SNURK is high quality bedding and cushions with photo print. These duvets are made from 100% cotton percale so they’re easily machine washed and they also come with one or two pillow cases, depending on whether you purchase a single or double size duvet. Although Snurk is a Dutch company, it ships globally and offers a 30 day free return policy. €60 is quite steep for a children’s duvet, but they make a lovely Christmas treat! Click this link for more information or to buy online. If you want to feel a SNURK before you buy one, they are happy to send you a little fabric sample. Free of charge.


Bob Duvet

This is Bob. Bob loves sniffing around, walking, not listening and stealing sandwiches from the kitchen sink. But most of all Bob loves sleeping. All curled up on top of his owners’ warm and soft duvet. If it were up to him, he’d lie there all day. And all night for that matter.

  DOG (3)DOG (1)DOG (2)

Ollie Duvet

Wanted: a companion for our cat. Ollie is playful and loves children. He also likes to keep your bed nice and warm. But what makes Ollie truly special is that people who suffer from cat allergy have no problems around him.

CAT (2)CAT (1)  e4e7a274240483562d2693e4d484CAT (3)


Butterfly Duvet

An open bedroom window freshens things up nicely. It sleeps better too. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, something special flutters past. Like at our place. Wild origami butterflies are a rare sight nowadays. Which is why we captured them on camera for this duvet cover. Isn’t nature beautiful?

butterfly (1) butterfly (2) butterfly (3)


Pirate duvet

Be warned ye landlubbers, here sleeps a true pirate. Those weapons? Real. That parrot? Real. The jacket, hat and boots? From that pirate movie. No scurvy scum will ever dare to steal your treasures again. You can sleep with both eyes shut…arrr!

pirate (1) pirate (2)

Astronaut Sheets Guarantee The Best Dreams Ever

What kid doesn’t dream of growing up to be an astronaut one day?Printed with a high-res photo of an actual spacesuit and helmet, it will inspire countless dreams of blasting off into the heavens. It’s just too bad the $80 set doesn’t come in larger sizes, but it’s not like real astronauts are privy to king beds on the space station.

astronaut duvet (1) astronaut duvet (1) astronaut duvet (2)

Flamenco Duvet

Flamenco dresses can be found in almost every dress-up trunk. But a pretty example like this you will only find on these bed sheets. The photo print is of a vintage Flamenco dress from Andalusia, Spain. Perfect to swing and sway yourself asleep.

flamenco (1) flamenco (2) flamenco (3)

Princess Duvet

Finally a duvet cover that shows the world what you truly are: a beautiful princess. Go ahead and doze off, dream of your prince charming on a white horse. But first make sure you are lying perfect underneath your diamond tiara. What a sleeping beauty.


Ballerina duvet

Are you ready for standing ovations in your bedroom? For this duvet cover we collaborated with the Dutch National Ballet, considered to be one of the top 5 ballet companies of the world. Not only did they lend us one of their talented ballerina’s, but also one of their amazing handmade tutus.

balerina (1)  balerina (3) balerina (4)balerina (2)