As many of our U.S. readers prepare for their Thanksgiving feast, we’ve decided to share with you one of the things we are most thankful for: stunning kitchens and the architects behind them. Continue reading after the break to view a compilation of kitchens we wouldn’t mind spending our day cooking (and eating) in.

Modern house with stunning Kitchen by Alexander Brenner Architects

Designed by Alexander Brenner Architects, this villa was build for an art lover and her family. This home named the SU House is the latest addition to the architects’ portfolio, the most detailed and elaborated one yet. Spreading over 640 square meter on a 2,125 square meter plot, the modern villa stirs up feelings of awe with its seamless connection to the outdoors.

99 DESIGNRULZ_su-house-alexander-brenner-architects (2)

9 DESIGNRULZ_su-house-alexander-brenner-architects (1) 9 DESIGNRULZ_su-house-alexander-brenner-architects (3)

1232 Sunset Plaza by Belzberg Architects

This stunning villa designed by Santa Monica – based Belzberg Architects is situated on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California. Sweeping panoramic views of the city, afforded by an endless number of vantage points throughout the estate, are nothing short of breathtaking. Equally stunning are the views of the property itself from within, as architectural and landscape elements serve as artistic expressions and repeatedly delight as one explores the property.


Amazing Swimming House: 299 Soper Area By Barry J. Hobin + Associates Architects Inc

Canadian architectural firm Barry J. Hobin + Associates Architects Inc. has designed 299 Soper Place in Ottawa, Canada. Completed in 2012, this 4,800 square foot addition to an existing home features a spa, multipurpose lounge, guest house and a 4-car garage.

7 Barry-J.-Hobin-desigrulz (1) 7 Barry-J.-Hobin-desigrulz (2)

Private House in Go Vap by MM++ Architects

Designed by Vietnamese architecture studio MM++ Architects, this private house in located in the Go Vap District of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Designed for a couple and their three kids, the house looks very cozy and the architectural elements of ceramic tiles, brickwork, concrete and an iron roof layered with insulating material makes up for a contemporary styled structure dashed in with a mark of simplicity.

6 House-in-Go-Vap-by-MM  (1) 6 House-in-Go-Vap-by-MM  (2) 6 House-in-Go-Vap-by-MM  (3) 6 House-in-Go-Vap-by-MM  (4)

Northbridge House: Contemporary Home, All Bright And Welcoming By Roth Architects, Sydney

Roth Architects envisioned this project as a warm and relaxing home, for a family of four, with love for the outdoor living. Located in an area of Sydney where the vegetation still prevails over the human footprint, Northbridge House balances the use of contemporary industrial materials within the surrounding Australian bush context. Surrounded by a green landscape, the house displays a modern design, with a twist of traditional. The home is decorated with Australian timber, which defines its natural and warm aspect

5 Northbridge-designrulz (1) 5 Northbridge-designrulz (2)

Nevis Pool and Garden Pavilion by Robert M. Gurney

Architect Robert M. Gurney has designed the Nevis Pool and Garden Pavilion in Washington DC. Located in a neighborhood bordering Washington, DC, this suburban site has the advantage of being located adjacent to woodlands. A contemporary house surrounded by mature trees and manicured gardens anchors the site. A new swimming pool, stone walls, and terraces located behind the existing house organize the rear yard and establishes a dialogue between the existing house and a new pavilion.

3 mackenzie-gurney-lenkinpoolhouse (1) 3 mackenzie-gurney-lenkinpoolhouse (2)
Wissioming2 House by Robert M. Gurney Architect

American architect Robert M. Gurney has designed the Wissioming2 house in the town of Glen Echo, located in the state of Maryland, USA. The interiors are painted with light. Walls constructed with slender, steel window frames composed in “Mondrian” inspired patterns combine with translucent panels, wenge and white oak millwork and Pompeii Scarpaletto stone to define interior spaces.

2 gurney-designrulz (1) 2 gurney-designrulz (2)

Pit House by UID Architects in Okayama, Japan

Keisuke Maeda of UID Architects has designed the Pit House in Tamano, Okayama, Japan. As you can easily notice from the pictures below, the dwelling embraces its site with the main living functions in a space that extends the exterior into the interior, dug into the ground in a sort of ‘pit.’

Pit House UID Architects Okayama (1) Pit House UID Architects Okayama (2) Pit House UID Architects Okayama (3) Pit House UID Architects Okayama (4) Pit House UID Architects Okayama (5)