A house on top of a rooftile-Birdhouse  by klaaskuiken

Nowadays birds are not welcome under rooftiles anymore, so they lost a beautiful place to make nests. Placing a house on top of a rooftile, now created a nice place for a birdsnest.

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Google birdhouse by shu chun hsiao

Trying to view the world from different perspectives and scales, taiwanese designer shu-chun hsiao looks at changing interactions between macro and micron landscapes. Using the google maps landmark icon, his project becomes a  physical marker for a bird’s destination as they navigate the streets in a new context. Just like people and way-finding, the miniature dwellings serve as an arrival point for the feathered creatures, accommodating their needs.

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TweeTin by indezign

Help birds in spring to find a nesting site! TweeTin turns any empty tin into a complete bird box in the twinkling of an eye. TweeTin is re-usable! Next year simply remove TweeTin, clean the tin and clip-on TweeTin again.TweeTin is made of flexible, recycled plastics and can be produced in different sizes and colors.

It’s this easy:
– Clean the empty tin
– put a screw through the bottom of the tin
– fix it on a wall or a tree
– clip-on TweeTin
– Done!

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Attic by  Studio Chad Wright

Rather than bring the birds to the birdhouse, I wanted to bring the birdhouse to the birds so I started with the foundation and stretched the archetypal house up to the sky. At 4′-6″ (129.54 cm), 4′-10″ (147.32 cm) and 6′-0″ (182.88 cm) Attic provides homes of varying levels of status to a variety of birds. Available in Robin’s Egg Blue, Cloud White and Tomato Red, the design features a molded concrete base with a screw-in lawn stake–accommodating tiled or lawn-covered landscapes–and a removable lid for post-migratory cleanings.

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Stylised bird-shaped letterbox- Koo Koo Letterbox

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Koo Koo is a stylised bird-shaped letterbox that brings some much needed life to the urban streetscape. Koo Koo is brought to you by Australian brand Playso with the help of local industrial desginer Justin Hutchinson. The ethos of Playso is to produce interesting, fun and high quality products for a design conscious consumer.

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Birds house by Plywood Office

Designed by Plywood Office, this bird’s House is suspended by string and tied in two places with knots to prevent wind twist. Inspire a winged migration with Bird’s House, the new home of the baddest bird on the block. Whether preening on the optional perch or spreading their wings at the roof’s peak – thanks to the absence of hanging hardware – your feathered friends never had it so good.  Unfinished Pine will weather gracefully over time and provides young birds with natural nesting.

PO-BirdsHouse-01 PO-BirdsHouse-03 PO-BirdsHouse-05 PO-BirdsHouse-02 PO-BirdsHouse-04

Modular birds’ nest –NeighBirds by Utoopic

“NeighBirds” by Utoopic is a Modular birds’ nest that helps baby birds’ emancipation, as it creates a close knit neighborhood. Easy installation in either wild or urban environments, as it can be hanged onto a branch, a structure, a hook or a wall. A way to get birds closer to your home bond with your kids as you teach them love for nature and wildlife observation. Handmade of untreated pinewood with a removable little branch for birds to stand on. The little branch is the organic touch that makes it familiar to birds. You can remove it and change it to your preference.


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