DIY projects are amazing discoveries, aren’t they? Realised with little costs, the items have the rusticity of old farm houses, creating a feeling of tranquility and serenity. Thus, if you want to bring a piece of nature into your home, raw wood is the best recipe. At Urban Plus Forest shop, we found a lot of amazing ideas that can be sources of inspiration for your future DIY projects. Following the trend of naturalness and minimalism, the brand creates wooden home accessories, especially from birch because it has a smooth, laminated outer bark. As you can easily notice, it can be used for a variety of different DIY projects and some of them are very simple. And, one of the coolest thing is that the design features for raw wood shelves, candlesticks, lamps or hot drinks pads, can be done by yourself. Here are other DIY projects that you might like to explore.


White Birch Forest Wall Art/Shelf

The white birch forest wall art/shelf is made from reclaimed Maine white birch trees and pine trees. You can leave it freestanding or hang it on the wall.

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 DIY: Birch Branch Floor Lamp

Irene Finne created a clever floor lamp using a large branch from the woods that lie just beyond her front door in Vestlandet, Norway. For those of us who live a less charmed life, we might need to source a branch from the internet. The good news is we can.


Birch Bark Lamps

lamp (1) lamp (2) lamp (3) lamp (4)

lamp wood (5)

 Coasters made from reclaimed wood

Coasters (6)Coasters (4)

Coasters (5)Coasters (2)    Coasters (3)

birch-designrulz wood

birch-designrulz (1) birch-log-handrail birch-tables