Wooden walls can add spiritual simplicity to that space behind the bed, the one we see every night right before we go to sleep, warm the living room or separate two different areas in the dining room. The article we present you today presents a gallery of top 5  restaurant interior designs with wooden walls insertions. They might  accentuate the warm atmosphere of a space, be it minimalist, traditional or eclectic.

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Ikibana Restaurant: A Fusion of Japanese and Brazilian Gastronomies by El Equipo Creativo

The Ikibana restaurant offers a fusion of Japanese and Brazilian gastronomies, two cultures that seem so antagonistic: quiet and minimalist the first, exuberant and bustling the second. The interior was created as an artificial landscape which is reminiscent of the lush landscape of Brazil and it is decorated with Japanese paintings and dramatic arts representative of their surroundings. Ikebana flower arrangements are also present all over to emphasize the focus on the natural.

Ikibana-Restaurant-El-Equipo-Creativo-designrulz_005 Ikibana-Restaurant-El-Equipo-Creativo-designrulz_003Ikibana-Restaurant-El-Equipo-Creativo-designrulz_006 Ikibana-Restaurant-El-Equipo-Creativo-designrulz_002Ikibana-Restaurant-El-Equipo-Creativo-designrulz_009

Nando’s by Blacksheep: Modern Restaurant in New York

Blacksheep Interior Architects and Design were commissioned to design a new location in Ashford, UK for the restaurant chain Nando’s. The brief was to design a concept space that steered the client away from the traditional Nando’s design and put a Blacksheep signature style and twist on the well known and loved chicken restaurant. The client wanted to attract a more mid market customer base and move away from a mass market centred business structure.

restaurant-designrulz-001 restaurant-designrulz-002 restaurant-designrulz-003 restaurant-designrulz-004 restaurant-designrulz-005

Bamboo Kontum Indochine Cafe by vo trong nghia architects

Designed as part of a hotel complex, vo trong nghia architects has developed ‘kontum indochine café’, a dining venue which can also function as an extension of the site’s banquet hall. Uniquely positioned at the gateway to the central vietnamese city of kontum, the project is defined by its bold use of bamboo which frames panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

designrulz_vo-trong-nghia-architects-001 designrulz_vo-trong-nghia-architects-002 designrulz_vo-trong-nghia-architects-003 designrulz_vo-trong-nghia-architects-010 designrulz_vo-trong-nghia-architects-011

Restaurant Interior Designs-Don Cafe House by Innarch

In 2013, Innarch created this contemporary interior for the Don Coffee Company in Pristina, Kosovo. It was constructed from 1365 pieces of specially cut and formed plywood to create the impression of being inside a crumpled bag of coffee beans. The idea was the expansion of the business by offering to the clients a greater possibility to taste their products in the new environments of the Don Café House in a pattern of chain setup across the territory of Kosovo and beyond. Through studies and researches conducted into Don Café, Inarch was able to come up with a unique conceptual and visual concept expected to distinguish it from other traditional coffee bars by giving it a modern image

designrulz-cafe-001 designrulz-cafe-003 designrulz-cafe-007 designrulz-cafe-009 designrulz-cafe-011

Studio Hermes by Corvin Cristian

Architect Corvin Cristian has designed the interiors of Studio Hermes, a club and restaurant located in Bucharest, Romania. Studio Hermes is a club and restaurant featuring a variety of shows from cabaret to live bands. The design responds to acoustic requirements hence the look recalling a ’60 s audition hall. Other design elements, while contemporary, follow the same mid century modern line. the onyx bar, velvet sofas, brass cymbals and walnut wainscot counterpoint the bare concrete and exposed piping. Studio Hermes is located in Bucharest’s historical centre and takes its name from an old movie theater that was formerly located at the same address.

corvin-designrulz-002 corvin-designrulz-003 corvin-designrulz-004 corvin-designrulz-006 corvin-designrulz-008