Being in the Roommoon is like being in a balloon soaring through the tree canopies. You really feel like a part of something much bigger and more important. Avoid the muddy shoes and wet coats out of your sight! The hanging tent Roomoon allows the user to hoist themselves 3 meters into the air. The Roomoon is a spherical tent made of durable canvas that is hoist-able to any height the user dares using a chain said to be capable of lifting one ton with ease.

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ROOMMOON designrulz (4)Beautifully hand crafted, the canvas can completely open up, revealing the world to the people inside. lightweight and fantastically well made the canvas will last in all weather. The floor is designed to be as portable as possible and yet maintain the high standard of the rest of the tent, made out of a light weight pine for ease of movement and capable of rolling up to access the storage below.

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