A modern kitchen in the attic? Yes, that’s possible! The project realised by Bozhinovski Design proves it heavily. You might be surprised at how little space is needed for a fresh and functional kitchen. First of all, consult a specialist and be sure that the attic floor joists were designed to support the new use of the space, or if they need to be reengineered. Secondly, try to imagine the space organised and look for storing and shelving solutions. Now, having these things in mind, you can take the pictures below as an encouraging start. As you can easily notice, storing played an essential role. Due to our constant need of buying cooking utensils, electric machines, decorative items, cutlery, dishes etc., the room becomes immediately crowded. So, once you have them at home you need to place them smartly so that everything lookstidy and organised. And, when you do not have space to display horizontally, you can extend vertically.

kitchen designrulz (1)

The modern kitchen below features tall cabinets along the walls, furnished in lacquered black and white, and they are perfect to store almost everything. (the oven and the dishwasher were also integrated there). Moreover, several shelves were installed above the sink, while some drawers were incorporated in the cooking island in the middle. As for the colours, white was used as a predominant tone due to its clarity and capacity to reflect natural light beautifully. Continue to brighten by choosing white or a light neutral for the furnishings in your modern kitchen, too. Do not forget about fresh plants and flowers – they bring a sense of tranquility at home.

kitchen designrulz (2) kitchen designrulz (3) kitchen designrulz (4) kitchen designrulz (5) kitchen designrulz (6)