For today, we gather 10 Space-Saving Dining Tables for Your Tiny Apartment. They’ll fit just single you, then stretch out to accommodate any guests visiting.


Table and Chairs Fit on The Shelf by Orla Reynolds

We love smart storage solutions, and this bookcase by Orla Reynolds definitely fits the bill. Many of us like to have table and chairs in the living room, but sometimes we find the problem that the room is so small between the sofa, coffee table and bookcase with TV cabinet almost does not fit all.

DESIGNRULZ-Table-and-chairs-fit-on-the-shelf-2 DESIGNRULZ-Table-and-chairs-fit-on-the-shelf-6DESIGNRULZ-Table-and-chairs-fit-on-the-shelf-1

All-in-One for 4 sqm: Kitchen, Dining and Living Room Furniture Set

Grandma’s Revenge is a new interpretation of a good old kitchen dresser. Grandma’s revenge is both a kitchen and a dining room, all in only 4 square meters. When closed, it portrays two dimensional view in a dining room scene. The outlines show a table, two chairs and a lamp in a minimalistic way. The foldaway kitchen is accessible, even at the corner of your apartment.

2 grandma-kitchen

Hexa Table- Versatile Coffee Table with Space-Saving Design

Hexa coffee table has six hidden compartments that slide out to triple the available surface area, perfect for parties and when you want to have dinner on the couch, or just to have some fun with geometry. When you just want a regular table, all six slide and hide away beneath the table’s top.

1 table-designrulz (1) 1 table-designrulz (2) 1 table-designrulz (3) 1 table-designrulz (4)

Fold-Out Convertible Desk Allows an Instant Workspace

What do you do if you have a college student coming home for Christmas or the summer or even just out of town guests coming to stay and they need somewhere to set up a laptop? The home office corner desk is a great way to keep organized while efficiently using space that would normally go to waste. 


REK coffee table

The REK Coffee Table, created by architect and designer Reinier de Jong, transforms from a wooden block into a multitude of designs with a few simple moves.  He recently extended this idea to another piece – a coffee table. Called REK just like the bookcase, the piece is based on the same functional principle – the smaller panels slide inside the bigger frame, allowing the table to grow with your needs.You can also secure the piece in a desired position. In its collapsed state, the table is compact – 60 by 80 cm – and can fit even the tiniest of rooms. And with the maximum size of 130 by 170 cm, you can expand it to accommodate a large party comfortably.


Lacquer Storage Coffee Table ($549 – $699)

One side of the tabletop pops up to reveal a hidden cache of storage. Lofted on airy steel legs, there is enough room to stow anything from magazines and remotes to pillows and throws.

Lacquer Storage Coffee Table DESIGNRULZ (1) Lacquer Storage Coffee Table DESIGNRULZ (2) Lacquer Storage Coffee Table DESIGNRULZ (3) Lacquer Storage Coffee Table DESIGNRULZ (4)

Origami Drop Leaf Dining Table ( $699)

We can’t even explain how much we love this oneLift the leaves and pull out the center leg on each side to transition it in an instant from slim, compact console to dining room table. A great staple for small spaces or multifunctioning rooms. Seats four, with a holiday factor of up to six.

Origami Drop Leaf Dining Table designrulz (2)Origami Drop Leaf Dining Table designrulz (1) Origami Drop Leaf Dining Table designrulz (3)

Norden Gateleg Table (Ikea: $199)

Norden Gateleg Table : Swing it out for four, and then fold it up into a compact drawer set.

ikea (1) ikea (2)

Table inspired by Asian culture

This modular seat is a solution for the topic “space and waste”. It looks like a teenager’s acquisition.    The aim of the featured product is not only about the space-saving aspect of furniture, but also about the memory of the traditional habits of sitting in Asian culture.


‘Stack’ occasional table by Nathan Yong for Living Divani

These minimalist and storage-rich side tables, aptly called Stack, were created by Singapore-based designer Nathan Yong for Living Divani. The set is composed of three differently-colored natural wood tables of various depth. You can stack them together or scatter them around, depending on your space requirements. I love the combination of the subtle colors of the tops and light wooden legs, it looks very refreshing. And even though the access to the items, stored in the bottom tray, seems a bit awkward, the impressing capacity wins many space-saving points. The Stack collection will be shown during the Milan Design Week later this month.


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