We think because they’re unexpected + unique, using toy animals are the perfect way to bring a bit of fun into a room & they are quite the conversation starter. Plus turning your own kids toys into fabulous decor, beats the similar, but much more expensive accessories you can find elsewhere! Check out these 10 Interesting Ways to Turn Toy Animals in Fabulous Home Decor, we’re pretty sure you could make a set all by yourself!


 Recycle Your Old Plush Toys

This is the most amazing DIY I saw since a long time! A crazy DIY stuffed animal chair experience. The chair, by itself, is a perfect accent to nearly any environment you could place it in. Actually, you can consider it a storage item even if the objects are seen by everybody… in the end, it’s part of the design interpretations. The chair is something different and surprising that represents the simplicity, functionality and fun.

COVER plush-chair-2

Jewelry Holders by Little Gray Fox



Animal bookends


Animal photo holder


Old toy dump truck planter

You won’t have to part ways with your child’s favorite toy dump truck when you turn this old toy into a new planter for flowers, plants and shrubs!


Old Legos coaster

Stepping on plastic building blocks with your bare feet may have you wanting to chuck them all into the trash can. But, before you boil over, find out how to put loose Legos to good use as coasters!


Lego container 

What a great idea to use the legos of your children and recycle old lego bricks you do not use anymore.You can also build a lego container to store pencils and decorate your child’s room.


Turn Toys into bathroom décor


How To Make An Upcycled Plastic Animal Toy Bowl


animal bowl (4) animal bowl (5) animal bowl (6) animal bowl (1) animal bowl (2) animal bowl (3)