Clothespins are one of the most versatile and inexpensive inventions ever made! We are feeling inspired by those ever versatile and useful clothespins. It seems like there are endless crafts to be created with those handy clips.If you are  looking for low tech, low cost ways to teach important concepts to children or to decorate your house. That’s why you will just love clothespins.  Enjoy our collection and get inspired!


 Snowflake made from clothespins

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Recycling crafts

Clothespin Fruit Bowl

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DIY Clothespin Frame


Clothespin planters-Super simple. Great idea for creating an impromptu centerpiece for an outdoor party.

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DIY Needlework Basket


Lamps made from Clotherpins by CREA-RE STUDIO

Crea-re Studio takes your average clothespins and uses them to create handmade lamps in Poland. The Clips lamps appear to be supported with a frame that is then covered in various ways with Polish clothes pegs made from beech wood.

LAMP (1) LAMP (2) LAMP (3)

Wooden clips pendant lamp

LAMP (4)

LAMP (5) LAMP (6) LAMP (7) LAMP (8) LAMP (9) LAMP (10)

Monster Bites! Clothespin Craft