Why is an Office Green Oasis so Good and how can I Create One?

There are many reasons why an office benefits from having some greenery both in improving the environment and having a positive effect on the moral of the people working there.  It can be expensive and time consuming to have office plants though so what is the best way to create your own office oasis?

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The first thing you need to think about is what you’re looking to achieve then you need to figure out the best way to go about it. Check out Gaddys Indoor Plant Hire as a means of filling up your home or office very quickly & easily.

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What are the benefits of having plants in the office?

Over the years it’s been established that working in an environment surrounded by pants reduces stress levels in employees.  This is important as stress can bring about physical effects such as headaches and high blood pressure levels.  If you can reduce stress in the people working in an office then it follows that sickness levels should reduce and productivity improve.  Not only is this beneficial for the health of the individuals involved but also for the revenue of the business.

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In addition to the heath benefits of having plants around there is also the positive of having an attractive looking environment.  This doesn’t only act to attract new staff to work for your company but makes the ones who already work there happier to be in such an attractive space.

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What’s the best way of getting the greenery I need?

Of course it’s possible to buy a series of plants for use in the office but it can be expensive to purchase pants that are large enough to be placed in the areas where they are required.  So how can you get plants other than buying them?

Plant rental is a potential option.  You can choose the plants that you need at the size that you want and have them delivered to the office.  You will also benefit from the fact that the plants will be often be cared for by the hire firm as part of the agreement.

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What other benefits can you get from renting plants?

If you’re considering having plants in the office, but aren’t sure whether it’s a route you want to go down or not, you can trial the plan by renting for a short period of time.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying plants only to decide that you don’t want to continue with them.

You may also have difficulties deciding which plants you want to have in your office.  Some of the plants that generally do well in the environment are:

If you want to try a few of these plants out to see which one fits in best renting allows you to do this.  You can rent one set of plants then change it for another set when the contract runs out.  Renting plants is a great way of getting an ever changing oasis for your office.

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