How to get a luxury bathroom for a non-luxury price

Being able to bathe or shower in style is a great feeling but it may seem like it’s out of your reach if you don’t have a huge budget to spend.  This isn’t necessarily the case.  There are plenty of ways that you can give your bathroom a fresh new look, and all for under $5000.

You don’t need to pay our for a whole new bathroom installation to ring the changes; you just need to be a little creative.  Changing little things can make a big difference, check out the ABL Tile and Bathroom Centre to outfit your next bathroom renovation.


Reconsider your faucets

If you can’t afford to invest in a whole new bath or shower unit fitting new faucets can be a great way of giving them a revamp.  Chrome is the most popular finish for faucets as it complements most styles of décor and it’s usually the most reasonable with regard to price.  The disadvantage to chrome is that it tends to show marks such as fingerprints very easily.


A change of vanity

Replacing all of the cabinets in your bathroom may be expensive but there’s nothing to stop you searching out a new vanity for a change of color and design.  Remember to choose patterns and shades that complement the décor of the room as a whole.  If you’re feeling really brave check out local house clearances for possible gems that you can revitalize in your own style.


A change of lighting

You don’t have to change the whole lighting system of your bathroom to make it feel different, just fitting some different shades can do the job.  You can go for a vintage feel or some contemporary clean lines.


Creative tiling

Tiles are the background to your bathroom; they can change the whole feel of the space.  If you’ve got a plain white color scheme why not add a splash of color with strategically placed motif tiles, or even plain tiles of a bold color.  Doing this only involves changing some of your tiling, depending on size matching.  If you want to keep the costs down you can even have a go at completing the job yourself; get a book from the library or check out you tube for some expert help.

heated towel rail

Add a little heat

Nothing says luxury like a heated towel rail, especially in cold weather when you’re stepping out of a shower in the morning.  Getting a towel rail installed is a relatively inexpensive way of giving your bathroom a comfort makeover.  Think about it, warm fluffy towels to wrap yourself up in, it’s one of the best feelings.

A little thought goes a long way

It may be easy to go and purchase a whole new bathroom, but you have to have the cash to do it.  A more reasonable makeover can be just as effective in brightening your home.  It’s also very satisfying when you put your creativity into the project and you get results to be proud of.

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