The living room is a well-used part of a home and householders obviously want it to be a comfortable place where they can relax. Getting the look right is also important and most people will change this from time to time. This does not need to be an expensive job and there are plenty of options for updating the appearance of a living room at an affordable cost.


Change Furniture

Changing the furniture is an option to create a new look and opting for the second hand can keep costs down. The look of leather sofas can improve with age, so opting for stylish home furniture sets that include these is a great choice. Red leather can be used for a brighter style, while black or brown can create a darker, more muted appearance. It is important to take note of the home color scheme as this affects the overall feel of the living room.

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Furniture Covers

If you don’t want to spend money on new furniture, consider using some sofa and armchair covers to give a new look to the pieces you already have. These are an inexpensive way of freshening up the appearance of furniture to make it look like new again. They are also a simple way to change the color scheme in a living room.

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Paint the Walls

It is not overly expensive to buy paint, and a couple of tins should be enough for most rooms. This allows the wall color to be changed and it can have a dramatic effect if you choose something completely different. Tins of paint can be found at a cheap cost, so this can be a big change for a modest outlay.



While completely changing the flooring in a room can be expensive, adding some rugs is not and this can brighten up the floor. These come in a variety of sizes, from smaller accent styles to larger area rugs. A coordinated set of two or three placed around a room can brighten up a floor to great effect.

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Window Treatments

Opting for a new style of window covering can change a living room in more ways than one. It will give the windows themselves a different appearance, but can also alter the amount of light coming into the room. A small change in lighting can have a big effect and bring a new look to existing fixtures and fittings.

In the end, small additions and changes can create a big difference to the appearance of a living room and they have the advantage of costing little. The interior design ideas shown above are simple ways to change the look of a space and freshen it up at an affordable cost. Try one or more of them in your home to get some great results that will make your living room all the more enjoyable to use.