No matter how luxurious this item may seem, a pool is always a good investment because it creates a heaven of relaxation right under your window, while increasing the value of your property. After surfing on the internet for the latest trends in pool design, we gathered a collection of fascinating pools in the post below. Before diving in, a quick glance reveals how important the context is : a lake, a tree or a beach nearby make the space look more inviting. But, first of all, pay attention to its dimensions. Your backyard size and overall weather will dictate what kind of in-ground swimming pool you can and should install. Secondly, choose materials of good quality because they can assure a long life for your exterior pool or spa. Last, but not least, beautify the view with appropriate accessories. Small waterfalls, diving boards and loungers can make the swimming more enjoyable. And, buy a dozen of umbrellas for your friends! Now spend some time in the water and visit this collection oswimming pools for new ideas!

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