Relax. You deserve it, it’s good for you, and it takes less time than you think. For today you gather 10 Best Ways to Relax Your Body While Your Are Working at the Office. To stay comfortable and healthy in your new office, you may want to try one of these footrests. (buy one- here)



Ergonomic office chairs with a variety of features including adjustable headrest, adjustable armrests, double layer footrest, 180° tilting system and solid, slim design. An excellent office chair for work and home use.

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A Lounge Fit for Captain Kirk

Designed for its client Humanscale, Manuelsaez attempted to prevent unhealthy postures born of coffee table and couch computing. Although Intended for light home office use, anyone with one of these in their den is definitely putting in extra hours on the ol’ intertubes.



Garden Chair

The idea behind the chair was to bring the outside inside. As many houses and flats do not have gardens this chair means that the user can rest their feet on real grass and get that garden feeling. The grass is easy to keep and will thrive indoors with a little water, light and occasional trimming. The frame is made from bent steel pipes painted black and lacquered. The seat is woven with natural fibre rope, allowing light to reach the grass. The footrest is a fibreglass tray covered with soil and grass.


You’ve Never Seen A Footrest Like This!

Webble wobbles but it’s already down, on the floor. BriteObjects sent us a preview of the Webble Mobile Foot Rest, “a new kind foot rest that isn’t about resting. Instead, the Webble enables free motion that gets your legs moving while you work. Complementing its unique functionality, the Webble’s iconic shape breaks from the norm and encourages your feet to go for a ride.”. The designers/ principals behind the Webble believe ergonomic design can be stylish and fun, the foot rest is the first of many ergo products for the office to come. Above, the Webble AIR.

DESIGNRULZ webble (1) DESIGNRULZ webble (2)

Compact Under Desk Foot Rocker

The Compact Foot Rocker Foot Rest from Fellowes fits any office space and is ergonomically designed to promote comfort. The Compact Foot Rocker has an adjustable height of 2-3/4″ to 4” and uses a unique tread design which holds the foot rocker in place while in use.

designrulz_shoes footrest (1) designrulz_shoes footrest (2) designrulz_shoes footrest (3)

An Incredible Green Office

Humans are both part of those natural systems and also somehow separate. The further we stray from connections with nature, the more alien we become.
Tres Birds Workshop was commissioned to concept, design and build an art installation in Downtown Denver for the purpose of encouraging people out of their offices for daily fresh air breaks.

green office


Great Office Carpet: Feel the Nature While Your Are Working

In this new concept, the office has been given a great lift by the use of plant partition for cramped office cubicles. This not only makes the office space look green and refreshing but makes the occupant enjoy the oxygen benefits as well. The breathing partition is guaranteed to make an ever lasting oasis into your otherwise bleak and dreary office.


Work and Recreation Areas

Designed by Ruetemple, the aim of this project was to design a room for two students: a brother and a sister, provide an area for work and recreation area. The project is made for << COTTAGE SOLUTION >> (” NTV Broadcasting Company“)

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Turn Your Ordinary Office Furniture into a Lazy Football Chair

Italian designer Emanuele Magini from Campeggi has turned ordinary chairs into football field by using adding football net into metal body frame. Sitters on the chair become players in a friendly game of ‘lazy’ football, requiring no real skill, just the ability to block and making goals.


Some Foot Rest!

Called FUUT, this mini hammock gives you stress relief and a little bit of R&R. Buy it from here.

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