The cabinet are often adorn the modern interior. Displaying an intriguing look and a minimalist design approach, The Legato cupboards and cabinets were designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune and are a great fit for modern homes. Such as other furniture, the cabinet is also has a variety of shapes, styles, and colors.

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The Legato cupboards and cabinets envisioned by Claesson Koivisto Rune have a soft and friendly personality paired with an iconic appearance. The Legato collection features colorful doors in various widths that are neither square nor round and are positioned next to each other in a row. The result is an eye-catching storage unit that kinda looks like a festive caterpillar inching along. It is the result of a perfect equilibrium between craftsmanship and contemporary art. Check them out and tell us what you think!

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The most flashy design feature from this project is the shape of it doors. They are neither square nor round and they are non-geometrical. Positioned next to each other, in repetition, they present a range of eye-catching and memorable combinations. Legato is derived from the Italian language meaning connected. In the musical performance and the notation “legato” indicates that the music notes played or sung smoothly and connected. It means, the transition of player from note to note without intervening silence. It is difficult to decide whether choosing a monochromatic version of the project, or go with a mixture of intense color. Either way, the result fits wonderfully into a wide variety of modern design schemes, with spectacular aesthetic effects.

modern-cabinets-designrulz (3) modern-cabinets-designrulz (4) modern-cabinets-designrulz (5) Råman 07-2002 Villa Widlund Öland, CKR 03-2012 modern-cabinets-designrulz (8)