Every office can benefit from taking better advantage of the space within the office. It doesn’t matter how large the office is, you can always use more space to get more done. Storage solutions offer you the help you need to get more done, but you need to choose the right solutions for your office. By thinking about the solutions you need, you can come up with storage to fill the need. Here are four great ways you can find solutions to common office problems, so you can save space and get more done.

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Store Your Computer Wisely

No office is complete without a computer, but you may not always need to use your computer. You can come up with quite a few tips to organize your files on your computer to save space, according to Daily Herald, but what should you do about the computer itself? A computer armoire from a company like Vast Market allows you to easily store your computer in an attractive piece of furniture. When you’re ready to use your computer, you can simply open the armoire and it turns into a computer desk. Using office storage solutions that double as two pieces of furniture is one of the best uses of space. After all, you’re already using the armoire to store all of your papers and books for the computer in it. It simply makes sense to also have your computer work station inside of the piece of furniture. Just make sure the armoire you choose allows you to feel comfortable while you’re sitting at it and you can store everything inside of the armoire you’re interested in storing.

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Keep Your Wi-Fi Running Smooth

The Wi-Fi connection within an office allows everyone to get more done. This normally means the office has to have a server, from which all of the computers can draw and save their information. If the servers are kept in a storage rack, they’ll take up less space, because they go vertical, rather than being spread out on the floors or across a counter. This is a much more practical solution than minimizing the number of servers you have. With so many of your files being hosted through the cloud to be accessed by desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones alike, you’re going to need all the computing power you can get. Look for server racks made with a lot of open space so the servers can remain as cool as possible. Wire rack servers are perfect, because they provide the least possible contact between the servers and the rack itself. You may also want a rack with the ability to store not just the servers, but the monitors that go along with the servers. This way, the rack doubles as a workstation for IT guys whenever they’re working on the servers.

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Make Better Use of Hard Files

Stacking cardboard boxes filled with files makes as much sense as keeping all of your files in a large file cabinet with little space to get around them. You can store everything in file cabinet solutions that make better use of your space as well as keeping all of your files neat and organized. Hanging files make the best use of your space because they can easily expand to hold all the files you’re looking to hold. It’s recommended to try to separate out your files as much as possible in folders, rather than keeping 2 or 3 massively overstuffed files. This also helps you to find what you’re looking for a little easier. Make sure your filing system has tabs on a section, rather than on individual files. This way, you can flip to the section you’re looking for before you even start looking at the individual files.

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Use Storage Solutions with Color

A depressing office causes employees to be less motivated to get more done. Part of what depresses employees is the colors in the office. Drab colors can cause employees to feel depressed and excited only by the thought of going home. They’re definitely not going to be productive. Using colors can generate specific feelings, like: red (excitement), yellow (confidence), green (balanced), blue (thought clearing), and white (space perception). Use a combination of colors to get the desired results you’re looking for in your office. You may want to use specific colors in the storage solutions you’re choosing so they’ll feel less like a piece of furniture necessary for the flow of the office, and more an integral part of mood setting so employees can get more done. Remember the colors that pop are going to have a much more profound effect on the people looking at them, so keep your storage solutions clean and replace them as necessary.

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