Space saving furniture design ideas, green walls, vertical garden designs and hanging planters are great balcony designs for beautiful and comfortable decorating of these small spaces. Small furniture pieces, like hanging tables and folding chairs are ideal for decorating small apartments and homes with tiny balconies. For today we gather 15 Smart Space Saving Furniture and Flower Planters for Your Balcony. Have fun with your balcony decorating and enjoy outdoors in elegant style!

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Organic gardening wood Planter box Bench / Table TherMod Linda 3

This product can be set up as a Planter Box or Garden Bed (without the bottom). The bottom of the large box is 20″ from the ground. It can be elevated to 9″ higher, making it usable as potting table. If you prefer maintaining the rich darker hardwood color tone, we recommend a coat of light stain. Without coating Thermal Wood will gradually return back to lighter wood color tone.

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Organic gardening wood Planter box Bench / Table Contessa

TherMod planters are truly unique. Thermal Modification process removes all nutrients and sugars from the wood. Nothing left for decay and mold to feast. Finally the long life span for wood without adding toxic chemicals. Modular concept allows you to add parts like finials, leg pads and connecting benches later. TherMod Contessa Planter / Bench set will be a focal point of any garden or patio. It is designed to fit both natural surroundings and fully landscaped areas.

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Plant & Flourish Vertical Garden with Built-in Irrigation

Plant & Flourish is a true vertical garden with amazing features such as easy installation, full irrigation, total flexibility where pots can be removed, replaced or re-arranged. The modules are expandable and can be linked to each other in a horizontal, vertical, or any desired pattern to make a beautiful “green wall” effect all running off the one hose.

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Palram PlantScape Stone Vertical Garden

This durable vertical garden is an eye-catching addition to any landscape, offering a tower of terrific beauty that’ll impress and inspire fellow greenthumbs around the neighborhood. The garden is composed of two panels, each with four separate potting cells.

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Urbio Big Happy Family Wall Planters

 Urbio is a recyclable product that is made out of a light weight, and durable, polypropylene plastic. Made with uber-strong neodymium magnets, and a variety of vessel sizes, Urbio is a diverse and dependable solution for urban gardening and small space organization.

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Frame-It-All Veggie Wall Expandable Stainless Steel Trellis System

Ideal for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, pole beans, squash, and flowering vines. Increases air circulation – allowing plants to dry out quicker after watering reducing plat diseases. Provides plants greater access to sunlight, increasing photosynthesis. Plants have less exposure to soil pathogens, critters, and bugs, growing healthier stronger plants. Provides easier harvesting with little beinding and stress on back and knees. Provides larger crops by increasing your garden’s surface area by 48 square feet. Made from sturdy stainless steel tubingtubing and strong nylon netting. Contains 3 durable stacking stakes that anchor your veggie wall to our frame-it-all raised garden or can be set up directly inot the ground.

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Vertical Wall Garden

The Vertical Wall Garden makes it simple to create your own hanging wall art. Simply plant the ten cells with a variety of compact plants, such as ferns, jade plant or other succulents, houseplants, herbs or small flowering plants. Add the decorative, copper-colored steel frame and hang on your wall. Display individually as you would a framed piece of art, or group several together for a dramatic focal point. An ingenious system makes the garden easy to water; simply pour water into the top chamber and it automatically spreads evenly across the moisture mat. A drip edge at the base collects any overflow.? A separate wall-mounted bracket makes it easy to hang and remove the garden for planting and tending.


Patio Herb Garden, Elevated Garden Bed

Sleek steel and bright color make our Happy Harvest Grow Table right at home from an urban balcony to a suburban patio. Grow veggies, herbs and flowers anywhere! The 7″ deep planting bed slopes gently toward the center to aid in water drainage. Rubber feet protect surfaces and increase stability. Assembly is quick and easy and it comes with its own tools.


PlantScape Terra Vertical Garden 

This durable vertical garden is an eye-catching addition to any landscape, offering a tower of terrific beauty that’ll impress and inspire fellow greenthumbs around the neighborhood. The garden is composed of two panels, each with four separate potting cells. An internal irrigation system distrubutes water evenly throughout the cells, ensuring fantastic growth for each plant.

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Gronomics VG3245 Vertical Garden Planter

With Gronomics, you no longer need a big yard to do your gardening. The Minnesota-based company manufactures unique, ergonomically designed 100% Western Red Cedar garden planters that offer tool-free assembly. Gronomics makes everything from elevated beds, raised beds, planter benches and much more, all of which are designed to make gardening easy and more accessible for all ages. Herbs, vegetables and flowers can all be tended to while standing or sitting and the company’s unique designs even allows easy access for those in wheelchairs.


Stackable Self Watering Garden Planter for Vertical Gardening

PLANT 5Algreen 34003 Garden View, Vertical Living Wall Planter and Decorative Shelving Unit

Algreen’s Garden View with Planter and Shelves, allows you to Create a Warm and Decorative feature anywhere in your Home or Garden. The Garden View includes integrated slots for customized positioning, so you can adjust the Shelves or Planter heights depending on your needs. The Garden View is ideal for use on any wall and is just waiting for your personal decorative touch!


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Algreen 00120 Stack’n Garden Modular Planters

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Greenbo GX-Large02-R Railing Planter

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 Brylanehome Bucket Brigade Fence-Top Planters

These hanging aluminum planters are shaped like old-fashioned milk pails and add bright splashes of color to your outdoor décor. Put your favorite plants or flowers on display!