Spotted on, the Deck House we want to present you today is located on a platform from which it is possible to admire the overall valley. Having in mind the terrace-like land, architects Felipe Assadi and Francisca Pulido designed a house that expands on a large floor. As you can easily notice, the living room almost absorbs the dining, the kitchen, and even the master bedroom. Additionally, a group sleeping area was installed instead of the dormitories because during the summer they are only used for sleeping. Therefore, the ‘party’ moves outside, an area of relief where you can enjoy the pool or admire the forest. On the other hand, the interior functions like a glass capsule incorporated in the wooden board, continuously opened to the fabulous scenery outside. In a nutshell, the Deck House inspires comfort, freedom and fluidity. plan designrulz (20)deck plan designrulz (21)deck plan designrulz (23)deck plan designrulz (19)deck plan designrulz (22)