The S House was designed by Domenack Architects  for a family from Lima, Peru. The house, modern and bright, impresses the viewer with its neat and clean exterior. The design of the house is planned over an existing natural platform located 3m above street level. This decision allowed locating only the parking and service areas at street level, while the rest of the program is located above the natural platform. 

designrulz (2)

Floor to ceiling windows open up the entire space towards the outdoor terrace and the surrounding green environment, while flooding the rooms in natural light.All rooms feature white walls and inspiring wooden additions, resulting in a welcoming atmosphere. The main garden, pool and social areas are located in the first level, while the private areas are located in the second and third levels. The rest of the house enjoys different views and scenarios of the surrounding natural environment, through patios, gardens and platforms generated by following the ascending topography. The design of the house promotes adequate ventilation, lighting and thermal control in order to reduce energy consumption. Enjoy the photos! 

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designrulz plan

Photography by Juan Solano