I bet the Queen has never imagined she would become a stencil picture in a bar from Romania. Well, life is always full of surprises. The flag, the crown, the Chesterfield sofas and the warriors of the United Kingdom invaded the Union Jack Bar from Galati, a city in Eastern Romania, making the people who come here dream of a London beer.


Realized by Yellow Office, the British inspired theme took control on everything. If you want to try it at home, start with the Union Jack flag, the most universally-known symbol of England. It can be found on everything from tapestries, posters and throw pillows, but we especially loved its use on the wall. Queen Anne chair is also one of our favorite items. Formal dining was an important part of entertaining in 18th-century England, reflected in the detailing of the furniture of the time. A classic shape and style, the Queen Anne chair can still be seen bars today, though modern variations often include bold colorways and graphic patterned seats. And, last, but not least, the tufted sofa is a staple in British design.

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